Background Check Procedure

Background checks are valid for a period of five years before licensure. If you don’t complete your program within the five year period, you will need to contact Brandie Schulz at to have her extend the clearance date. Cleared background checks are required for licensure. The Utah State Board of Education (USBE) will not accept copies of background checks done elsewhere, including school districts. You will be notified by email when your background application is complete by the USBE. Please attach that email to your Teacher Education Application. Only online background check applications will be accepted by the USBE.

Once you have been recommended to the USBE for license, you will not be required to complete another background check as long as you keep your license active. If your license expires, you will be required to complete another background check. (Fingerprinting cards are accepted only if you are living out of state.) Questions? Please call Lisa Christensen at 435-797-1443 or email at


Initial License

Go to the USIMS (Utah Schools Information Management System) website to sign up for an account:



Follow the instructions in USIMS to consent to a background check and make an appointment for fingerprinting. You will need the Agency Code, which is B1017 and the type of background check to request, which is NFUF.

Results take approximately 20-25 business days from the date you complete the fingerprinting step.

Please be sure that you prepare for the fingerprinting step.  It is recommended that you are well hydrated up to 24 hours prior, use lotion and possibly soak your fingers if you have had a history of a low-resolution for completing the prints.


For Logan students, fingerprinting is available from the USU Police Department

Make an appointment with the USU Police at They are located at 1250 North 850 East, Logan, UT. The fingerprinting fee is $25.