College Leadership

Left to right: Gretchen Peacock, Alan Smith, Shawn Whiteman, Sylvia Read, David Feldon

Alan L. Smith

Emma Eccles Jones Endowed Dean

In his role as Dean of the Emma Eccles Jones College of Education and Human Services, Dr. Smith guides the strategic direction of the College, oversees its financial health, and ensures strong infrastructure for meeting our research, learning, engagement, and other goals. He facilitates within-institution connections that offer potential to amplify our impact while also cultivating relationships with alumni, donors, legislators, and various agencies tied to education, health, and human services within and beyond Utah. He works with a talented team of leaders, all committed to Enriching Lives through the work of the College. More about Dr. Smith.

David Feldon, Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences

Associate Dean for Graduate Studies

Dr. Feldon oversees all essential functions of the college related to graduate education. Dr. Feldon’s scholarly expertise in graduate education, as well as his strong commitment to graduate student success, greatly benefits the college’s efforts to conceptualize and implement strategic priorities in this area. More about Dr. Feldon.

Gretchen Peacock, Psychology

Associate Dean for Faculty Development and Clinical Programs

In executing her faculty development role, Dr. Peacock oversees and develop structures and processes that enable faculty success over the career lifespan. This is a newly formalized role within the college leadership team that will be supported directly by Dean Smith and the other Associate Deans. Dr. Peacock continues her oversight of the Sorenson Center and the college’s clinical initiatives. More about Dr. Peacock.

Sylvia Read, School of Teacher Education and Leadership

Associate Dean for Accreditation and Undergraduate Studies

Dr. Read’s knowledge of accreditation processes and her engagement with state and national governing bodies make her an invaluable resource to departments and programs that maintain accreditation at both undergraduate and graduate levels. In addition to continuing to offer college-level oversight and support in this area, she also oversees all essential functions of the college related to undergraduate education. More about Dr. Read.

Shawn Whiteman, Human Development and Family Studies

Associate Dean for Research and Innovation

Dr. Whiteman has been supporting scholarly initiatives in his leadership position overseeing the college’s Office of Research Services and supporting scholarly initiatives. In his new extended leadership role, Dr. Whiteman promotes connections with appropriate industry partners, supports entrepreneurial initiatives, and facilitates technology transfer and unique forms of research translation. More about Dr. Whiteman.