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2019 Fall “A” Pin Award

Scholarship "A" pins are presented to undergraduate students who have received all A grades (4.0 GPA) for 15 or more graded credits each semester during two consecutive semesters in residency.

Note: Courses for which a P (Pass) grade is received do not qualify for graded credits.

Amelia Ashby Psychology
Jaclyn Atencio Health Education & Promotion
Grace Blaser Special Education & Rehabilitation
Rhiannon Bradley* Communicative Disorders & Deaf Education
Rachel Cardon* Communicative Disorders & Deaf Education
Kristina Casos* Human Movement Science
Jessi Clark Psychology
Megan Cooper Psychology
Mackenzie Cottrell Communicative Disorders & Deaf Education
Beatrice Daley Special Education & Rehabilitation
Bethany Ewell* Psychology
McCall Fife Social Studies Composite Teaching
Katie Budge Human Development & Family Studies
Hannah Fouts Human Movement Science
Madison Hall Family Life Studies
Sydney Hansen Communicative Disorders & Deaf Education
Brook Harris Psychology
Lindsay Hobbs Family Life Studies
Cassidy Hunt* Early Childhood Education
Maegyn Ipsen* Special Education & Rehabilitation
Hannah Johns Elementary Education
Shelbee Johnson Psychology
Justin June Psychology
Sarah Larsen Elementary Education
Amanda Lloyd General Studies
Katasha Loucks Human Development & Family Studies
Aspyn Madsen Human Development & Family Studies
Daniel Miller Social Studies Composite Teaching
Justeena Moody Family Life Studies
Emmeline Moore Special Education & Elementary Education
Lauren Naser Communicative Disorders & Deaf Education
Cole Nash Human Movement Science
Bradley Nelson Nursing
Rhendi Payton Human Movement Science
Madeline Rasmussen Elementary Education
Lindsey Read Elementary Education
Zowie Robinson Elementary Education
Emri Sanderson Early Childhood Education
Lexie Scott Communicative Disorders & Deaf Education
Elaina Snell General Studies
Samuel Stevens Human Movement Science
Natasha Von Cannon Elementary Education
Kaitlyn Roberts Communicative Disorders & Deaf Education
Isabella Wilson Communicative Disorders & Deaf Education

*2nd “A” Pin
**3rd “A” Pin