Undergraduate Resources

Degrees and minors

For a list of undergraduate degrees and minors available at the College of Education and Human Services, visit our page on the Utah State University Degree Finder

Teacher Education

Visit the Teacher Education page for information on becoming a teacher in elementary education, secondary education, special education or deaf education. It will help you find out how to apply to one of the teacher education programs, what to do to graduate from USU, and how to apply for your Utah teaching license.

Student Organizations

To find student clubs and groups from all over of the college and for contact information on their advisers, visit our student organizations page

College Ambassadors

The EEJ College of Education and Human Services is lucky to have a group of dedicated ambassadors. When we hold recruiting events, they're out encouraging students from all backgrounds to receive their education from us.


To apply for a scholarship you must be a student with a major housed in the Emma Eccles Jones College of Education and Human Services, pursuing course work each semester in your major field, and taking between 12-18 credits per semester.

Our scholarship page will link you to opportunities both by department and the college at large. The deadline for all applications is February 1. 

Adele and Dale Young Education Technology Center

The YETC serves as the technology and resource center for the College. It contains open-access computer facilities, a K-12 curriculum materials library, a NASA Educator Resource Center and collections of educational technology products. It also provides networking, computer repair and troubleshooting, and web services to the College.


A candidate for graduation must file an application and completed graduation packet with the Registrar's Office. To receive the graduation packet students must apply online prior to the semester of the student’s intended graduation date. The application process must be completed and all fees paid in order to graduate. Approximately one month is needed to complete the graduation process, so start early. More information is on our graduation and commencement pages.

Departmental Advisers

If you don't find the information you're looking for here, please contact us.


Schedule an appointment online based on department and program.