College of Education & Human Services Graduate Student Research Award Opportunity


Supporting graduate student research development and training is a top priority for the College of Education & Human Services (CEHS). To this end, CEHS graduate students are eligible to apply for funding to support their efforts on milestone research projects (e.g., thesis, 2nd year project, capstone, plan B masters, dissertation). The funding for these awards is made possible by a 1:1 match from the CEHS Office of Research Services (50%) and the graduate student’s home department (50%). Although the total amount of funding available for these awards varies by academic year, the total funds available will be equally distributed between the Fall and Spring semesters in an effort to make funds available for students applying for awards in either semester. Awards are available for up to $4,000 in total funding (i.e., a maximum of $2,000 from the CEHS Office of Research Services and $2,000 from the student’s home department).

Eligibility Requirements

  1. Graduate student is in good standing in their academic home department;
  2. Research project has been approved by the student’s graduate training committee;
  3. Department provides matching funds;
  4. Research project is approved by the IRB for human participant research or IACUC for research involving animals.
    • Meritorious projects will receive a notice of award prior to IRB or IACUC approval; however, funds will not be dispersed until the recipient provides documentation of IRB or IACUC approval to the Associate Dean for Research.

Use of Research Award Funds

Research award funds may only be used for completing a milestone research project as noted above. Funds may be used for the following specific purposes: participant incentives, per diem costs for animals, reference books, software licensing, materials, equipment, renting space/equipment, travel to perform the research, and hourly support for undergraduate research assistants. Costs are not allowable for graduate student stipends or salary, seminars, conferences, memberships, computers/iPads, or conference travel. A maximum of 50% of the total funds can be used to support undergraduate research assistants. Funds not spent by the time of graduation or within two years of the award, whichever comes first, will be swept back. Students should work with their department business manager to: (a) determine allowable costs, which may vary by department; and (b) make all purchases (students should not make purchases and then request reimbursement).

Application Process

Applications may be received at any time during throughout the academic year (i.e., Fall, Spring, or Summer semesters). Students are only allowed to submit one award application per project. Multiple award applications may be submitted during a student’s tenure at USU for different milestone projects. However, if funding is limited, priority will be given to applicants who have not yet received an award. To apply for a CEHS Graduate Student Research Award, please complete the application form and compile all required documents with signatures into a single PDF file. Please email the PDF file to Shawn Whiteman (CEHS Associate Dean for Research) with the following subject line: “CEHS Graduate Student Research Award Application.” In general, applications will be reviewed within two weeks of submission (not counting USU holidays; applications submitted in the Summer may require more two weeks for evaluation). A request for follow-up information or clarification may be issued in some cases. Award decisions will be sent to the graduate student, their advisor, and department head.

If IRB or IACUC approval is received after the award is preliminarily granted, then a copy of IRB or IACUC approval should be sent via email to Shawn Whiteman with the following subject line: “CEHS Graduate Student Research Award – IRB/IACUC Approval.” After receipt and review of the IRB/IACUC approval, funds will be released to the department business office within one week.