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Data Science & Discovery Unit

About the DSDU

The Data Science & Discovery Unit provides faculty in CEHS resources and services relating to data management and analysis. Specifically, the DSDU offers:

  • Collaborating on data planning and data analysis for projects or grants,
  • Consulting on data wrangling/handling, database creation, and survey planning,
  • Setting up secure databases of archival clinical data,
  • Facilitating independent, de-identified access to archival clinical data, and
  • Training on the use of various data tools (e.g., REDCap, Qualtrics, R, MTurk, Jamovi).

Although the DSDU has some overlap with the Statistical Consulting Studio (LINK to StatStudio), it is unique in that the focus is on working with data (complex, longitudinal, clinical) including the collection, wrangling, and analysis of the data. The main objective is to aid in working with clinical data; however, other data types are also supported.

Current Projects

If you have clinical data that you want in a secure, research-accessible database wherein you will be able to access de-identified data for research purposes, please contact the DSDU for more information.

Contact Information

Location: EDUC 453
Phone: 435-797-0120
Additional Website:


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Tyson BarrettManaging Director: Tyson Barrett

Tyson Barrett is the Managing Director of the Data Science & Discovery Unit. He has a PhD in Quantitative Psychology with a focus on data science and public health. He has worked on grants and published work in a variety of fields within the college. He also teaches graduate level statistics courses (EDUC 6050, EDUC/PSY 6600, EDUC/PSY 7610).

Nikki PeasronAssistants: Nikki Pearson

Nikki Pearson is a graduate student in the Doctor of Audiology program at Utah State University. She has a B. A. in Communicative Disorders and a minor in Spanish. Her current research interests include early intervention techniques for bilingual children at risk for language delay, and implementation of counseling education and training into accredited audiology programs. She plans to apply for a Ph.D. in the next year to further explore her research interests.