ACT workshop Series

Values for therapist burnout: Using ACT to create a meaningful and sustainable work life | April 20, 2024

Led by Jenna LeJeune, Ph.D

Many therapists and other healthcare providers enter into these fields because it offers the opportunity for deeply impactful and rewarding work. However, that work can also take a profound emotional toll, especially in the last few years. Many of us are struggling with burnout and finding a sustainable work-life balance can feel more elusive than ever. But what if the solution lies not in learning how to better disconnect from work, but rather in reconnecting with what is most important to us, our values? This experiential workshop will look at the concept of values through an Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) lens. However, instead of focusing on working with our clients around values, in this workshop we’ll turn the focus inward by exploring our own values as healthcare professionals. We’ll discuss how values can help prevent burnout and lead to a greater sense of personal and professional fulfillment for therapists and other healthcare professionals. We will also examine how focusing on values integrity between work and “life” may offer a potentially more sustainable alternative to striving for the ever-elusive work-life “balance.” This highly interactive workshop will provide opportunities for you to explore your own values so that you can get clearer on what would make for a meaningful, fulfilling, and sustainable life both at work and beyond.

ACT workshop session with Mike Twohig giving a presentation

Who should attend this workshop?

Professionals interested in mental health and/or behavioral science.

Sorenson Legacy Center for Clinical Excellence, Room 150
Utah State University, Logan, UT
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Pricing Information

  Professionals Students
Spring Workshop $200 $100

USU parking pass for the workshop, snacks, drinks during workshop, and Saturday lunch is included with registration fee!

We accept registration up to the start of the workshop as space remains available. Registration will close if our capacity is reached. Refunds will be made in full until September 16, 2023 if you cancel. Refunds cannot be made after April 05, 2024. For more information contact