2022 Summer Dean's List

To qualify for the semester Honor Roll (Dean's List), an undergraduate student* must earn a 3.5 GPA in 15 or more graded credits, except for summer semester for which 12 or more graded credits are required. Courses for which a P (Pass) grade is received do not qualify for graded credits.

*This award is not available to graduate students or students working toward a second or third bachelor's degree.

Sofia Abril

Kathy Adams

Maddie Aller

Andreah Arevalo

Lanae Barker

Alex Bazeghi

Faith Benett

Courtney Bickley

Delsi Blakley

Crystal Bodily

Heather Brady

Lexi Braun

Margaret Brown

Tate Burch

Sophia Burke

Sage Butler

Jenny Caldwell

Addy Call

Emma Cantlin

Amy Cardon

Parker Carroll

Carrie Christensen

Christine Christensen

Isabelle Clark

Colette Clyde

Chloe Coon

Emmalee Crother

Cassie Crum

Larissa Cunha

Anna Davenport

Nicole Deabenderfer

Danielle Deavila

Abbigayle Dilley

Saydi Eskelson

Carrie Evans

Madeline Fakhoury

Destany Fitzpatrick

Jordan Frye

Ellie Fullmer

Jocelynn Green

Deanna Hansen

Jessie Hansen

Sarah Harmon

Hailey Harrison

Cheryl Hawkins

Briana Haycock

Kenzie Heslop

Deidre Hively

Brooklyn Hodges

Christian Hong

Parker Horman

Nicole Hummel

Tess Hungerford

Kaylee Isbell

Lisa Jacobs

Hannah Johnson

Julie Jones

Jade Joseph

Kelsey Kennington

Emma Kenyon

Katrina Kiritharan

Grace Knight

Kristin Knowlton

Kennedy Lake

Olivia Levin

Janeal Lowry

Lucy Jones

Joey Mabey

Christine Mahoney

Terese Mayfield

Jessica McNeely

Tayson Miller

Crystal Millien

Maddy Mills

Dale Nielsen

Julie Nielsen

Molly Norton

Kyle Olson

Tammy Payne

Brittany Peart

Erika Pehrson

Kelcey Perry

Katie Pierson

Sydnie Pixton

Kristy Pulica

Janie Radford

Hannah Rasmussen

Nadiva Ratnamutia

Concepcion Robles

Kersten Rohde

Kirsten Sanderson

Lauren Sandorf

Leunghon William Shen

Carly Sinkovic

Estee Squires

Madison Stephenson

Jalisa Straight

Aimee Taylor

BreAnna Taylor

Cassidy Teuscher

Lily Thompson

Kayde Timothy

Logan Torres

Camila Toscano

Brooke VanKampen

Natalie Vigil

Alyse Walgren

Ashlee Webb

Hope Weeks

Abby West

Brianna Wetrosky

Taylar Williams

Rage Wilson

Gerr Yang

Kristian Zamora