2019 Fall “A” Pin Award

Scholarship "A" pins are presented to undergraduate students who have received all A grades (4.0 GPA) for 15 or more graded credits each semester during two consecutive semesters in residency. Courses for which a P (Pass) grade is received do not qualify for graded credits.
Last Name First Name Degree
Adams Allison Elementary Education
Anderson Bethany Communicative Disorders   Deaf Education
Anderson Jesse General Studies
Anderson Mia Human Development   Family Studies
Anderson Molly Human Movement Science
Ashby Peyton Elementary Education
Avery* Tracy Psychology
Barlow Amberlee Human Development   Family Studies
Beck Allison Psychology
Beck Breanna Elementary Education
Bishop Nichole Health Education   Promotion
Bowman* Brock Communicative Disorders   Deaf Education
Bradshaw McKailey Elementary Education
Budge* Madison Health Education   Promotion
Bunderson Haden Human Movement Science
Canann* Abigail Nursing
Carter Tabitha Elementary Education
Chambers Alyssa Human Development   Family Studies
Christiansen Ryne Human Movement Science
Clark Isabelle Elementary Education
Clawson Abigail Communicative Disorders   Deaf Education
Clayton Emma Human Development   Family Studies
Cook Austin Health Education   Promotion
Cribbs Marissa General Studies
Dority* Rachel Communicative Disorders   Deaf Education
Elizondo Katelyn Elementary Education
Evertsen Shalese Nursing
Foltmer Kailei Recreation Administration
Freelove Megan Elementary Education
Gammell Whitney Special Education   Rehabilitation Counseling
Goodrich Jasay Health Education   Promotion
Gudmundson Tyler Social Studies Composite Teaching
Hales Allyson Special Education   Elementary Education
Hall* Anna Human Development   Family Studies
Hammond Ensley Early Childhood Education
Harrison Ashtyn Elementary Education
Hartley Blake Nursing
Herrington Kelly Elementary Education
Hileman Jared Psychology
Hill Sydnee Communicative Disorders   Deaf Education
Himelberger Elisabeth Psychology
Hobson Madison Elementary Education
Horsley Hunter Human Movement Science
Howell Maggie Elementary Education
Hull Mariah Health Education   Promotion
Hult Julia Nursing
Hunter Chloe Elementary Education
Ingles Brooke Elementary Education
Johns* Alyssa Psychology
Johnson Isabelle Elementary Education
Johnson* Molly Psychology
Karren Katherine Health Education   Promotion
Larsen* McKenna Elementary Education
Larson Taylor Human Movement Science
Ludwig Karli Human Movement Science
Marshall Jacqilynn Family Life Studies
Moore Andalynne Social Studies Composite Teaching
Mork Dana Communicative Disorders   Deaf Education
Murray Olivia Communicative Disorders   Deaf Education
Myers Madysen Special Education   Rehabilitation Counseling
Nash Katherine Communicative Disorders   Deaf Education
Nercesian Samantha Psychology
Olinger Lauren Psychology
Parry Ericka Early Childhood Education
Pugmire Rachael Elementary Education
Quayle Kenden General Studies
Read Brynnli Elementary Education
Seas Matthew Nursing
Segobia Joshua Psychology
Smith Kelsey Psychology
Southam* Samantha Special Education   Rehabilitation Counseling
Staffanson Rebecca Human Development   Family Studies
Steenblik Madison Special Education   Rehabilitation Counseling
Stoker* Brooke Health Education   Promotion
Stone Karen Human Development   Family Studies
Thaxton** Caitlin Elementary Education
Thomas* Madison Human Development   Family Studies
Thompson* Taylor Elementary Education
Tutko Olivia Health Education   Promotion
Wallentine Hannah Elementary Education
Weller Michelle Communicative Disorders   Deaf Education
Wilde Haleigh Elementary Education
Williams Raina Communicative Disorders   Deaf Education
Wood Ashlee Nursing
Woodward Shailey Human Development   Family Studies
Wyatt Annalee Elementary Education
Young Madison Communicative Disorders   Deaf Education

*2nd “A” Pin
**3rd “A” Pin