2021 Spring “A” Pin Award

Scholarship "A" pins are presented to undergraduate students who have received all A grades (4.0 GPA) for 15 or more graded credits each semester during two consecutive semesters in residency. Courses for which a P (Pass) grade is received do not qualify for graded credits.
Name Degree
Bethany Anderson Special Education & Elementary Education
Bethany Anderson Communicative Disorders & Deaf Education
Ellie Anderson Psychology
Lisa Ashcroft Special Education Online Practical Teacher Training
Kamryn Bailey Elementary Education
Morgan Bailey Family Life Studies
Allison Beck* Psychology
Elizabeth Bindrup Family Life Studies
Megan Birkin Communicative Disorders & Deaf Education
Megan Black Nursing
Deren Bott Psychology
McKailey Bradshaw* Elementary Education
Sarah Brasel Elementary Education
Grace Broadbear Psychology
Kristine Brown Special Education & Rehabilitation Counseling
Emily Burgon Human Development & Family Studies
Abigail Canann** Nursing
Matthew Carlisle Humand Development & Family Studies
Sheldon Chatelain  Communicative Disorders & Deaf Education
Tiffany Chelsey* Family Life Studies
Michelle Christian Elementary Education
Madison Clayburn Elementary Education
McKenna Cottam Human Development & Family Studies
Alexander Cragun Elementary Education
Sybil Cutler Human Development & Familt Studies
Marisa Davis Psychology
Mckenzie Davis Special Education & Rehabilitation Counseling
Lauren Decker Special Education & Rehabilitaion Counseling
Elaina Desmond Special Education & Rehabilitaion Counseling
Sarah Dickson Health Education & Promotion
Lincoln Feist Nursing
Brielle Forsyth Early Childhood Education
Lauryn Geddes Nursing
Shelby Gentry Communicative Disorders & Deaf Education
Jenna Gerke Communicative Disorders & Deaf Education
Taylor Gibbons Early Childhood Education
Meg Good Special Education & Rehabilitation
Jens Grover  Nursing
Janica Gubler Teacher Education & Leadership
Alessandra Gulino Elementary Education
Amy Hale Kinesiology & Health Science
Elizabeth Hamson Early Childhood Education
Rebecca Hastings* Human Development & Family Studies
Taylor Hepworth Communicative Disorders & Deaf Education
Ashley Herd Psychology
Justin Hodges Human Development & Family Studies
Cassidie Hoffmann Psychology
Kiersten Holt Communicative Disorders & Deaf Education
Bailey Howell Human Development & Family Studies
Ashlyn Hughes Psychology
Emma Hunt Elementary Education
Paxton Ingram Kinesiology
Halee Iverson* Elementary Education
Emmeline John* Special Education & Elementary Education
Natalie Johnson Elementary Education
Ella Jones Special Education & Rehabilitation Counseling
Lew Lah Early Childhood Education
Mackenzie Lamb Psychology
Celina Larsen Elementary Education
McKenna Larsen** Elementary Education
Amanda Lee Elementary Education
Hannah Linford Psychology
Karli Ludwig* Kinesiology & Health Science
Alexis Lunceford Special Education & Rehabilitation Counseling
Jessica Lynch Family Life Studies
Hannah Marchant Elementary Education
Ellie Matsen* Kinesiology & Health Science
Erin McQuillen Psychology
Emma Merriam Special Eduation & Rehabilitation Counseling
Bethany Nay Social Studies Composite Teaching
Camilla Nelson Kinesiology & Health Science
Jakob Newlon Psychology
Miyah Ngo Human Development & Family Studies
Taylia Norris Communicative Disorders & Deaf Education
Anna Oblad Psychology
Jonah Olson Psychology
Nathan Otterstrom Health Education & Promotion
Cammy Peck Communicative Disorders & Deaf Education
Tiffany Peckham Human Development & Family Studies
Preston Poll Psychology
Hayley Pusey Human Development & Family Studies
Caleb Rasmussen Kinesiology & Health Science
McKenzie Sagers Social Studies Composite Teaching
Christine Sheehan Kinesiology & Health Science
Andrew Simonsen Kinesiology & Health Science
Brinlee Singleton Communicative Disorders & Deaf Education
Brianna Smith Nursing
Haley Smith Elementary Education
Kami Smith Elementary Education
Justin Spackman Psychology
Emily Stark Psychology
Karen Stone* Human Development & Family Studies
Mia Sutphin Elementary Education
McKenzie Swalberg Elementary Education
Sarah Sweeten Special Education & Rehabilitation Counseling
Aminata Sylla Nursing
Madison Thomas Human Development & Family Studies
Madison Thomas** Human Development & Family Studies
Elisabeth Thompson Psychology
Emily Van Wagoner Teacher Education & Leadership
Lindsey Warburton Elementary Eduation
Meg Weeks Psychology
Savannah Weidner Special Education & Rehabilitation Counseling
Mckay Wilding Kinesiology & Health Science
Laken Wilkey Nursing
Kenzie Woodard* Psychology
Annalee Wyatt* Elementary Education
Haley Yoder Human Experience Design & Interaction

*2nd “A” Pin
**3rd “A” Pin