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H2 Heading (H1 is in the Hero Banner)

This page uses a Hero Banner component to give you a full-width blue or image background. To adjust the Hero Banner, please follow these steps:

  1. Click the first green edit button on the page
  2. Click the Hero Banner component and then click the edit button for the component (pencil)
  3. You can adjust your height, page title, add an optional subtitle and content (including a button), change the location of the text, and add an image to replace the blue gradient default; please note that "partial darkening" creates a darker bar across the bottom of the image where the text will be placed, not checking this puts a light grey overlay over the entire image (these measures are to ensure accessibility)
  4. Save the edits you've made
  5. Click the second green edit button on the page and add your content (starting with H2 headings since your H1 heading is in the image overlay)
  6. Save and publish