Dean's Office of Communications

The communications team supports all CEHS faculty, departments, centers, institutes, and programs as they contribute the messaging of research, education, recruitment, and services that are happening in the college. Housed in the Dean’s office, the team comprises Alicia Richmond, communications director; Jennifer Payne, public relations specialist; Jessica Olson, graphic designer; and Cooper Sanders, social media intern and specialist.

Content Creation and Media Outreach

The communications team handles all marketing and communication outreach at CEHS. This includes:

  • Writing press releases, media advisories, and story pitches for local and national media outlets.
  • Providing internal communication via Utah State Today and the monthly CEHS newsletter.
  • Creating and distributing videos of CEHS-related events and people.
  • Training faculty and staff to work with the media.
  • Preparing faculty and staff for interviews, speaking engagements, and video appearances.
  • Creating social media content to be distributed to Instagram, X/Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook at the college and university levels.

To promote the activities and accomplishments of CEHS faculty, staff, and students, please submit pertinent information to the communications team using the Story Request Form below. We will use the information you provide to develop stories, media releases, and other public outreach. Our goal is to share your stories, recognition, and outstanding research about the faculty, students, and staff in CEHS!

Please contact Alicia Richmond for more information.

Story Request Form

Design Creation and Approval

The communications team is available to help you create visual content at any stage of the process. If you need a flyer, poster, brochure, advertisement, or other material designed, please download the request form here. Requests must be submitted with a minimum of two weeks notice.

Design Request Form

All materials created by or for faculty members, staff, or students must be approved through the artwork review process. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Flyers or posters for events, services, programs, or clinics
  • Printed goods, such as clothing, water bottles, bags, and other swag 
  • Advertisements
  • Recruitment material
  • Brochures
  • Logos for departments, units, or programs
  • Videos
  • New websites or website redesigns

Please submit your materials for approval by submitting a request on ServiceNow.

Social Media

We often feature news articles, events, and other content on our social media platforms. If you have content that you would like shared on the college’s social media channels, help with digital advertising, or content creation on Canva, contact our social media manager Cooper Sanders. Cooper is also available to meet with you to discuss social media strategies.

For information about USU’s social media policies, please review the USU Social Media guidelines.

Contact the Social Media Manager

College and University Branding, Resources, and Style Guidelines

CEHS follows the USU Writing Style Guide. The style guide must be followed on all materials coming from the college.

Please note that all content should state the college’s full name, Emma Eccles Jones College of Education and Human Services, on first reference. Whenever possible, avoid abbreviations such as “CEHS” in material that will be viewed outside the college. Additionally, when participating in interviews, news releases, or coordinating media content, please refer to the full name of the college as well as your individual department and Utah State University.

For guidelines on USU logos and branding, visit the USU branding website.

PowerPoint and poster templates are available for department presentations and research. These templates are already approved as long as the design and branding are not altered on the templates.

Please note that the college has access to Canva Pro, an online graphic design tool. Contact your department or center for more information.

Left to right: Jennifer Payne, Alicia Richmond, Cooper Saunders, and Jessica Olson
Left to right: Jennifer Payne, Alicia Richmond, Cooper Sanders, and Jessica Olson