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Understanding Compensation

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Old Main Building USUSalary and Employee Definitions

  • AY  Academic Year salary for positions tied to an instructional role for Fall and Spring termsIt is generally referred to as a 9 month appointment.  Salary is paid out over a 12 month period. However, for those first hired to USU in August the first year salary will be spread over 11 months. Examples of how pay is figured.
  • FY Fiscal Year (July 1 through June 30) salary for positions tied to 12 month appointments.
  • Exempt - an employee who meets the exemption test criteria under the provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). You will not get overtime for any hours worked which exceed 40 hours.  You also do not need to keep a time card.
  • Non-exempt - an employee who is covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and must be compensated at one and one-half times the regular rate for hours exceeding 40 in a work week. Compensation is given as comp time or paid out. You must keep a time card in MyTime and all overtime must be approved beforehand.
  • Extra Service Compensation (ESC) is used for additional services provided by exempt personnel.  Prior to the beginning of service, an ESC form must be filled out and approved. Instructions for completing the form.
  • Summer months are used for additional services provided by academic year employees and are generally not part of your primary role.  Examples could include conducting research, overload teaching, or other activities approved by the department head.

Timekeeping & Leave

  • MyTime
    • Leave reporting  (Annual, Sick, Bereavement, Military, Jury, Leave Without Pay and Comp Taken)
    • Time cards for salaried non-exempt employees
    • MyTime FAQ

If you need to make changes

  • Benefits - After the first initial enrollment, benefits can only be changed if there is a major event such as a birth, death or marriage or once a year during the open enrollment period.
  • Mailing Address - This is in USU Access
  • Direct Deposit - At this time direct deposit can only be changed by using the paper form and taking it to Human Resources (HR).
  • Emergency Contact (Code Blue) - This is in USU Access
  • W-4 - This form allows you to choose the number of exemptions for your tax deduction.  It can be changed once during a payroll time period.