Small Group Training Opportunities

We offer a variety of training, including small group options.

Small Group TrainingThe Statistical Consulting Studio offers training on topics outside of our workshops for small groups of students and/or faculty.  This training could be for a specific type of analysis (eg. Cox regression for survival time) or a type of task in a specific software program (eg. Re-shaping data between long and wide format in R).  Requests may come from graduate students or faculty members.  We ask that at least 4 participants attend and sessions be kept to 2-3 hours. 

The Stat Studio does NOT provide consultation for course-related assignments/projects or tutoring.

Request a Specific Session

Please email to request a specific small group training session.  Include details regarding the topic desired and the intended audience (names & departments), as well as preferred days and times.  Please allow for 4 weeks of preparation time in advance of the small group training.  Scheduling will depend on consultant workload.