Statistical Consulting Studio (formerly OMDS)

Eligibility & Scope

Faculty and graduate students from the College of Education & Human Services (CEHS) are eligible to receive methodological and statistical consulting assistance from the Stat Studio. This service is provided for free as a benefit to the faculty and graduate students of CEHS for up to 10 hours per semester. The vast majority of consultations can be concluded within this timeframe. Situations requiring longer-term consultations will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis with the client and the director of the Stat Studio in conjunction with the Associate Dean for Research of the CEHS. The Stat Studio does not provide consultation for course-related projects or tutoring.


Location: Education Building #455
Phone: 797-0169


We are open year-round (except University holidays).

Book meetings through the appointment manager. You can also email or call to request for additional availability.


  • Sarah Schwartz, MS in Statistics, Doctoral Student in Statistics, OrcID
  • Tyson Barrett, Doctoral Student in Sociobehavioral Epidemiology, Concurrent Masters Student in Statistics


For Faculty and Research Staff

Stat Studio will provide assistance in research planning and study design, offer methodological and analytical advice, assist with the interpretation of results, run power and statistical analyses, generate graphical data displays, and review the methods and results sections of publications and grants.

For Graduate Students

Stat Studio will provide assistance with research planning and study design issues, as well as offer methodological and analytical advice, and assist with the interpretation of results, but will not conduct statistical analyses for student research.

For Undergraduate Students

Stat Studio will provide the same assistance that is available for graduate students, but only for Honors or Senior Thesis projects.

Examples of Available Services

  • Data management advice
  • Providing advice on developing surveys, rating scales, and tests
  • Guidance on sampling issues
  • Identifying the appropriate statistical test(s) for a research question
  • Assistance with interpreting statistical output

Unavailable Services

  • Data entry, cleaning, or validation
  • Statistical tutoring for coursework
  • Computer, non-statistical software, or word processing support