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USU Faculty Seed Grants

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Seed Grants are internal grants that provide support for faculty to “grow” their potential to obtain external funding. The USU Office of Research and Graduate Studies provides competitive Seed Grant opportunities in both the Fall and Spring semesters of each academic year.  The types of grants available, detailed proposal instructions, and required documents can be found at the RGS Grants and Funding website and CEHS proposal development services, procedures, and internal deadlines appear below. 

RGS Grants and Funding


Faculty must complete the University’s 1-day grant writing workshop, now called Planning and Writing Successful Proposals, to be eligible for the seed grant awards.  The workshop is offered to faculty once a year, in the fall.  This year’s workshop was held in October.  If you attended that workshop or the Write Winning Grant Proposals workshop in a previous year, you have fulfilled this requirement. 

Regarding the upcoming April, 2019 Seed Grant deadline:

  • If you apply in April 2019 and are awarded but have not attended, you must agree to attend the 1-day grant-writing workshop in Fall 2019.  If this does not occur, you will be ineligible for seed grant funding until you have attended the workshop.

The Office of Research Services has a list of all CEHS faculty who have participated in the 1-day grant writing workshop to-date so, if you want to confirm your status, please contact Janet Roberts at


In an effort to help CEHS faculty prepare competitive seed grant proposals, the Office of Research Services provides some opportunities for discussion of ideas and feedback, as well as direct assistance in preparation of the proposal, in the months before the CEHS internal deadline   Several important dates and explanation of CEHS procedures related to the Spring 2019 Seed Grant submissions are provided below.

Seed Grant Proposal Assistance Request Form


If you are considering submitting a Seed Grant proposal in April, 2019 and would like to receive assistance and review, please complete the brief Seed Grant Proposal Assistance Request NO LATER THAN Friday, February 15, and we will work out plans accordingly.  The number of people interested will determine how this process is structured so, even if you are not sure, please get yourself on our radar!


Regardless of whether you would like assistance/review, if you are planning to submit a proposal, please email by Monday, March 18, so that we can be prepared for the number of applications we’ll need to compile for submission to RGS.

BY WEDNESDAY, APRIL 10 at 5:00 p.m.

The College internal deadline for proposals is Wednesday, April 10, at 5 p.m.  We must have your full, signed, application package in electronic form by that time. 

  • All application materials except the budget must be compiled in a single pdf.  The budget template will be submitted as an excel file
  • You must obtain all signatures, except the CEHS Dean’s, on the cover sheet before submitting to us. This includes all key personnel, department head(s), dean(s) of key personnel from other colleges, and center director(s), as appropriate.  We (Office of Research Services) will enter the CEHS Dean’s signature before submitting to RGS.

Please email your proposal to both and by the April 10 internal deadline.

If you have questions about the various types of Seed grants or the USU process that cannot be answered by the Office of Research and Graduate Studies, please feel free to call or email or 435-797-0904.


Proposals are submitted to each College Dean’s Office (in the case of CEHS, the Associate Dean for Research) by an internal College deadline and are then forwarded to the Office of Research and Graduate Studies by the stated USU deadline.  The USU deadlines are April 15 and October 15 of each year (or the first business day after those dates).  Each college establishes its internal deadline to allow for necessary processing prior to those dates.

Proposals from the entire University are reviewed by a Review Panel consisting of representatives from each College and funding decisions are made by the Panel.