CEHS F&A Student Awards Policy

Effective: May 25, 2017

USU Policy Statement: Indirect Cost Waivers on Sponsored Projects

As a policy of Utah State University (USU), indirect costs, sometimes referred to as Facilities and Administrative (F&A) costs, should be recovered on all sponsored projects. However, USU recognizes that some sponsors require a restricted indirect cost rate [or explicitly prohibit the inclusion of indirect costs].

There are additional circumstances under which a reduced indirect cost rate may be allowed, if approved by the PI’s Department Head and Dean. This document describes the policy of the Emma Eccles Jones College of Education and Human Services regarding recovery of indirect costs on awards designed to support student training (e.g., assistantships, fellowships, scholarships, research/dissertation awards).

This applies only to awards where 100% of the funding supports the student training opportunity/project and does not include faculty salary.

  1. Federal sponsors where budget/award limits pertain only to direct costs and the F&A rate is not otherwise restricted in the RFP: The federally negotiated F&A rate will apply. This situation does not reduce the direct costs allocated to the student project.
  2. Sponsors (government or private) where budget/award limits are based on total costs (direct plus indirect/F&A costs) and there is not a requirement by the sponsor that the federally negotiated F&A rate be applied: The College of Education and Human Services will approve a reduced rate of 10% F&A for the proposal. This will allow more of the direct costs to be allocated to the student project and will also provide USU with a portion of the standard F&A to support the costs associated with conducting research on campus.
  3. Sponsors that require a specified restricted indirect cost rate or explicitly prohibit the inclusion of indirect costs: The College of Education and Human Services will continue to approve of those proposals as long as documentation from the sponsor accompanies the submitted proposal.

When submitting a proposal that meets the criteria that 100% of funds support the student and #2 above applies, and you are requesting the reduced 10% F&A rate, please use the Dean’s Waiver of F&A Form and cite this policy in the explanation field. For the scenario described in #3, a Dean’s Waiver Form is not required; only the sponsor documentation is needed.