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Office of Research Services Courses


EDUC/PSY 6010 - Introduction to Program Evaluation ( 3 credits) - Alternative approaches and practical guidelines for conducting evaluation studies. Through case studies and simulations, addresses impact of social, political, and ethical issues on evaluation. (F,Sp)

EDUC 6040 - Applied Research Methods (3 credits) - Applied introduction to quantitative and qualitative research methodologies and designs used in educational, social and health sciences. Coverage of research ethics, literature searches and critiques, components of research studies, reliability and validity, APA format, and communication of research results. (F)

EDUC 6050 - Applied Statistical Analysis (3 credits) - This is an applied introduction to statistical methods commonly used in educational, social, and health sciences. The course covers data types, database creation, and data exploration and visualization. It also includes the use of statistical software to compute descriptive and inferential statistics including correlation, regression, group comparisons (t-tests, ANOVA), and categorical methods. (Sp)

EDUC/PSY 6570 - Introduction to Education and Psychological Research (3 credits) - Provides introduction to research methods, including identification of research problem, review and evaluation of research literature, and design and implementation of research project. (F,Sp,Su)
EDUC/PSY 6600 - Research Design and Analysis I (3 credits) - Research design and statistical concepts for research in education, human services, and psychology, with emphasis on the selection and interpretation of statistical analyses. Prerequisites: EDUC/PSY 6570, passing score on 6600 Pretest via Canvas (see this website for complete details). (F,Sp,Su)
EDUC 6770 - Qualitative Research Methods (3 credits) - Introduction to qualitative research including foundations, research designs and strategies of inquiry (case studies, ethnography, phenomenology, grounded theory, biographical, historical, participative inquiry), sampling, fieldwork and data collection, and analysis. Prerequisite/Restriction: EDUC/PSY 6570. (F,Sp)
EDUC 6800 - Mixed Methods (3 credits) - Design and analysis of mixed methods research studies in education and human services. Emphasis on examining epistemological and philosophical issues, sampling, data collection, alternative designs, multiple mixed methods research models, analytic techniques, and relationships among research design, theory, and epistemology. Prerequisite/Restriction: EDUC/PSY 6660 and EDUC 6770. (Sp)
EDUC/PSY 7610 - Research Design and Analysis II (3 credits) - Advanced treatment of research design and statistical concepts and issues in educational, human services, and psychological research. Prerequisite: EDUC/ PSY 6600. (F,Sp,Su)
EDUC/PSY 7670 - Literature Reviews in Education and Psychology (3 credits)- Advanced concepts in designing, writing, and critiquing literature reviews. Prerequisites: EDUC/PSY 6600 or consent of instructor. (Sp,Su)

EDUC 7700 - Grant Writing (3 credits) - Students learn to identify funding sources, select strategies for seeking resources, and write proposals for research, development, training, and service activities in education, psychology, and related fields. Prerequisite/Restriction: EDUC/PSY 6570. (Sp, even years).