Waiving EDUC Courses

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The Office of Research Services manages the EDUC research methods and statistics courses offered in the College of Education & Human Services. Occasionally, graduate students have taken similar courses at other institutions or covered the material included in these courses through completion of a thesis, writing a manuscript, or other project/endeavor and, therefore, seek to waive such courses from their programs of study.

If a student is seeking a waiver of EDUC courses, please follow these steps:

  • The student should consult with his or her chair or advisor (and other committee members if needed) about previous coursework and courses that could potentially be waived;
  • If there is potential for required research methods or statistics courses to be waived, the student and chair should email the Associate Dean for Research and Innovation at shawn.whiteman@usu.edu (students should CC their chair on correspondences) with a description of the courses in question and a request to review prior coursework/materials. Please include electronic copies of relevant syllabi or thesis/manuscript, and a transcript;
  • The Associate Dean for Research will review these materials and formulate a recommendation regarding comparability of prior experiences/training with current EDUC course offerings and content. Because these requests are handled on an individual basis, a full course waiver will be recommended in some cases, but in others, a revalidation of course mastery will be recommended through independent study or other means;
  • After the recommendation has been communicated to both the student and his or her chair, it is up to the student’s chair or committee to make a determination as to a course of action.