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Regan Eggli, 2019 Robins Awards Woman of the Year


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Woman of the Year Certificate

Reggan Eggli has been named 2019 Robins Award Woman of the Year by Utah State University. This award is presented to a female student who has made broad significant achievements and contributions to USU this year and has exemplified those traits which set her above other classmates.

Robins Awards are the most coveted of all Utah State honors, and the awards night is the year’s most prestigious event. Eggli earned her bachelor’s degree in Psychology in the Emma Eccles Jones College of Education and Human Services. Eggli took advantage of opportunities to improve the lives of others in many capacities, including during her terms as Alpha Chi Omega president and Panhellenic President, which she says were an important part of her education and her experience at USU.

“The extracurricular activities at USU provide the unique ‘Aggie Family’ experience and give students the soft to be successful in whatever profession they take part in,” said Eggli. “One of the most impactful extracurricular experiences was having the opportunity to lead 100 women working to support victims of domestic violence.”

Eggli has also supported Victoria Hewlett and President Noelle Cockett in establishing efforts to prevent sexual assault and implement substantial changes to the organization of the Greek system at USU. 

“She is a natural leader, and she will find ways to accomplish tasks and projects with a level of professionalism that could be found in the most seasoned professionals,” said Tori Ackerman, who worked with Eggli at Utah State University’s Space Dynamics Laboratory.
When asked what she would use her USU experience to achieve her goals and aspirations, Eggli said she learned not to put her blinders up. “Being open to change and new opportunity can provide the best, most beautiful things that life has to offer.” She said one of the other important lessons she learned was to always give back. “There’s an entire community of people who have given me the resources to be who I am today. I hope to always be the first to give back to them and say thanks.”

Kevin Webb, Associate Director of the USU Student Involvement and Leadership at USUSA, said: “Regan is a driven leader who puts fourth her best effort no matter the task at hand. I’ve watched her continually develop and grow. One of Regan’s greatest strengths is her ability to always remain positive.”

Eggli is beginning a master’s program at Utah State and aspires to be a PhD in Industrial and Organizational Psychology.