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COMDDE Advisor Receives Global Outstanding Advising Award


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Tonya Jewell (left) with award presenter.

Tonya Jewell, an advisor in the Department of Communication Disorders and Deaf Education at Utah State University, recently received the Global Outstanding Advising Award from the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA).

Jewell worked with USU concurrent enrollment programs in local high schools for five years before becoming a COMDDE advisor in 2012, a decision that she calls one of the best she has ever made. In 2018, Jewell was awarded the USU Robins Award for academic advising as well as the Region 10 Advising Award from NACADA.

The NACADA Global Awards program is designed to honor individuals around the world for their exceptional advising qualities and their work to improve academic advising in higher education. Jewell was officially awarded this honor at the Global Awards Ceremony in Louisville, Kentucky on October 20.

Jewell said that the process of being nominated for the award and compiling her advising portfolio has helped shape what she would like to do and who she would like to be as an advisor. Above all else, she hopes to continue to guide with kindness. “Every day I have interactions with students that inspire me to be the best possible me,” she said. “Although I am just one pebble in a small pond, I hope that the ripples of my actions will spread to make the world a little more kind.”

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