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The Sound of Reindeer


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Group photo with reindeerSound Beginnings child with reindeer Reindeer

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! For the children at Sound Beginnings, that meant a visit from a couple of real reindeer. Nanook, a 10-year-old buck, calmly stood to be petted and adored. He was accompanied by a shy, 9-month-old, yet-to-be-named calf (Zootah is holding anaming contest and the winning moniker will be announced on Christmas Day). A few children chose to admire the creatures from a distance. However, most were eager to feel the thick, soft fur and listen to the clicking noise reindeer make when they walk. The preschool and kindergarten students had plenty of questions, such as, "What do they eat? " "Where do they live?" and of course, "Can they fly?"  But alas, these particular specimens have yet to acquire that ability. "That's okay," said 4-year-old Liam, "I still like them!" It was a rich language learning opportunity and hopefully a lasting Christmas memory. Special thanks to Hickman Land Title for gifting this experience to the children of Sound Beginnings!

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