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COVID-19 Resources

CEHS is striving to keep its students, faculty, and staff informed. Please be aware of the following announcements and resources to help prevent the spread of coronavirus, as well as the general news sources listed at the bottom of this page.

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Coronavirus Prevention Measures

On March 27, Governor Gary Herbert issued a "Stay Safe, Stay Home" directive to all Utahns. Under this directive, Utahns are to stay home whenever possible, avoid travel and any unnecessary social gatherings, practice strict hygiene policies, and utilize social distancing when they must go out in public. 

In line with this directive, Utah State University is currently operating at Level 2 of its outlined COVID-19 response plan. As such, CEHS is encouraging all employees and faculty to work from home wherever possible. See below for a list of remote work resources.

Departments, offices, and centers that must continue to have in-person employees should regularly clean surfaces during the day, especially in high traffic areas. Please put a cleaning routine in place to sanitize keyboards, computer mice, desks, conference tables, doorknobs, computer labs, etc. Practice social distancing within your office and utilize technology whenever possible to conduct departmental business, including faculty meetings.

2020 Commencement Rescheduled

Due to the cancelation of all university events through May 1, Utah State University has postponed its 133rd commencement ceremony in Logan and all graduation events at its statewide campuses this spring.

Commencement will now take place on August 28-29, 2020. Statewide campuses will plan graduation events for the first two weeks of September, with specific dates to be determined. For more details, visit Utah State Today.

Recent Travel?

If you have traveled at all within the last two weeks, you must fill out the USU travel registry survey.

College Communication Channels

The President's office has requested that questions regarding COVID-19 policies and regulations be directed to the college Dean's Office rather than various central entities. If you have specific questions or concerns about research, clinics, or other college-level matters, please contact one of the administrators listed here.

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