CEHS Advising

If you are an incoming freshman, please complete Module #2 in the orientation presentation so you can register. It should answer many of your questions and release your registration hold. If you still have concerns, please call 435-797-0283 for help.

Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education (COMDDE)
Michelle Wilson

Human Development and Family Studies (HDFS)
Laura Holley-HDFS   Sarah Tulane-HDFS Online

Human Experience Design and Interaction (HEDI) in Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences (ITLS)

HEDI Appointment-Janet Blad   HEDI Appointment-Ramy Shaaban

Kinesiology and Health Science (KHS)

Appointments for Tom Dickey, Peer Advisor:
Kinesiology Major--General Advising for Declared Students
Major Exploration for Kinesiology and Health Science Majors
Declare or Change to a Kinesiology and Health Science Major
Tom Dickey-Peer Advisor

Appointments for Jana Johnson:

Non-student Athletes Only: Kinesiology with Exercise Science Emphasis (Last Names beginning A and B only)
Non-student Athletes Only: Kinesiology with Pre-Physical Therapy emphasis
Non-student Athletes Only: Kinesiology with PE Teaching emphasis
KHS minor: Physical Education/Coaching

Jana Johnson

Appointments for Alice Kenley:
Non-student Athletes Only: Kinesiology with Exercise Science Emphasis (Last Names beginning C-Z only)
Non-student Athletes Only: Recreation Administration (all track options)
KHS minors: Outdoor Adventure Leadership and Parks & Recreation

Alice Kenley

Appointments for Raquel Friddle:
Health Education & Promotion
Student Athletes (All declared in KHS major or will be declaring KHS major)
KHS Minors: Yoga Studies

Raquel Friddle


Nursing Exploration Appointment


Psychology Exploration Appointment (in-person)
Tressa Haderlie
Becca Boman
Ben Elwood

Special Education

Appointments for Laura Parrish:
Pre-Special Education Majors
Special Education Majors: Mild/Moderate, Severe, Birth to Age 5 or Visual Impairment emphasis
Online Practical Teacher Training (USU Statewide): Mild/Moderate, Severe or Birth to Age 5

Laura Parrish

Teacher Education and Leadership (TEAL)

Logan Early Childhood & Elementary Education Majors

Shannon Burgin, Jen Caines, Ashley Fluegel, and Ana Prisbrey
Shannon Burgin
Jen Caines
Ashley Fluegel
Ana Prisbey-Peer Advisor

Logan Secondary Education Majors

Shannon Burgin-Secondary Education
Jen Caines-Secondary Education
Ashley Fluegel-Secondary Education

Statewide Elementary Education Majors

Statewide Secondary Education Majors

Bobbi Crabtree