CEHS Graduation Information

To apply for graduation, you must:


Be Eligible to Apply for Graduation

Find out more about eligibility requirements.


Complete the Graduating Student Survey

Graduating Student Survey


Fill Out the Online Graduation Application

Your major must be correct for the Graduation Office to accept your request. Enter your A-Number in the box at the bottom of the graduation page after completing survey.

Apply Online


Take Care of Outstanding Requirements

Your advisor will contact you if an appointment is needed to identify any outstanding requirements and to plan out the remaining semester(s) of your degree.


Dual Major Process

If you are a dual major, you will need to complete the online application twice, once for each major.

Yearly Application Deadlines

  • Fall Semester¬†- October 31
    Spring Semester - February 28*
    Summer Semester - July 15

These are firm deadlines, so students who submit their completed graduation packet after the posted dates above will graduate the following semester.

* If you want to graduate in May and walk at the commencement ceremony you must submit your application by February 28.