Student Ambassadors 2019-20

Emily Cook portrait

Emily Cook


What I love most about my major and college is that professors and advisors care so much about me and my success. I am not just another number to them, but an actual person. They are always there for me when I am unsure of what I should do and willing to help me out no matter what the situation is.

Brielle Geltz  portrait

Brielle Geltz


My favorite thing about Utah State’s Nursing Program is the people. Nursing is a profession that resolves around caring for others and I have seen that through my peers and instructors in the program. I love the CEHS for that same reason. Everyone in this college has a passion for helping others become their best self and as someone who loves people, I feel fortunate every day to be a part of the CEHS, USU’s Nursing Program and to be an Aggie.

Abby Lancaster portrait

Abby Lancaster

Early Childhood Education

The College of Education and Human Services provides many opportunities to work and interact with many exceptional people. The counselors, professors, and students are all there for one reason; they are all wanting to improve our society by focusing on the individual. It is such an encouraging environment to be taught how to make a difference.

Max Mauldin portrait

Max Mauldin

Human Movement Science

After studying cells in biology and muscles and bones in anatomy, Human Movement Science has helped me see how all the small pieces of me work together to get me from place to place, and how to use that information to best care for myself and others. This major and the CEHS is full of engaging ways for interaction with my peers and opportunities for discovery! I feel confident I’ll leave prepared for a career helping others.

Madison L. Morgan portrait

Madison L. Morgan

Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education

I love my major, Speech Language Pathology, because of how much we are able to help people on such an individual level. The professors in the major are amazing to work with and want you to succeed. I also love how easy it is to get involved in the College of Education and Human Services and the atmosphere it provides.

Madyson A. Perkes portrait

Madyson A. Perkes

Early/Elementary Education

My major has given me so many opportunities to put my teaching ideas into action. I’ve been able to stretch my creativity and find new, exciting ways to learn. Through the college, I’ve also been able to instill confidence in myself as a teacher and it’s brought a great amount of success in my life.

Raegan Sasser portrait

Raegan Sasser


Nursing has so many different job opportunities and routes you can take after graduation. I love being a nursing major because of all the hands-on experience I receive through clinical rotations. The College of Education has wonderful advisors and staff who want to see us succeed and are more than willing to help us on our path to our future careers.

Samantha Southam portrait

Samantha Southam

Special Education

In the special education major the professors are amazing and are ready to help you succeed. You get a lot of hands-on experiences through the assignments given, which makes you more valuable as a new graduate. The College of Education and Human Services is amazing and everyone there is so welcoming and willing to answer your questions!

Hannah Steed portrait

Hannah Steed

Special/Elementary Education

I love the College of Education and Human Services! Our professors truly care about each student and wants us to succeed and reach our full potential. I love how this college gives all students many hands-on opportunities to practice what we are learning through clinics, research, and teaching opportunities.

Haven Thorson  portrait

Haven Thorson

Human Movement Science

I love the College of Education and Human Services because it really is all about people! Especially in my major of Kinesiology, it is all focused on how we can help people feel better and live a happier life!