Student Ambassadors

Student ambassador

Cooper Sanders

Human Experience Design & Interaction

The ITLS department here at Utah State is awesome! We get to hear how we can design aspects of our world to enrich lives! Human Experience Design and Interaction is such a great program because it can lead to so many different careers and opportunities. Our faculty and instructors are amazing and have a lot of real-world experience to pull from. There is no other program like it!

Katelyn Earnest

Marissa Searle


I love the Psychology Department here at Utah State University! I've found that the professors really care about their students and will do everything they can to help them succeed. All of the faculty want to help students learn more about what they're interested in, so questions are always welcome in class. There's also a ton of opportunities to get involved with research with the professors as well! While studying Psychology here, you'll get a very in-depth understanding of how people work while also just having a ton of fun. I've loved every second that I've been a part of the College of Education and Human Services!

Rachel Rayburn

Zaham Mahmood

Health Education and Promotion

As a Health Education and Promotion Major, my goal is to learn how to promote and sustain healthy lives for individuals and communities. I am grateful for Utah State's HEP program for supplying that knowledge but also practical application, which I believe is important for students majoring in HEP. The HEP major has supportive and dedicated professors, some of whom are also health professionals. The HEP program also fosters a sense of community as the classes are small, allowing strong relationships between students and professors and with other students. The HEP program is one of the more versatile majors in the CEHS, unique to each student's interests and offering a variety of career paths due to the diverse applications of the major. The classes provide a deeper understanding of health as they apply to the real world. I feel honored to be a part of this program, as I have met lifelong mentors and friends, and gained experiences and collaborations with professionals and professors through the many offered opportunities in the program. This program has enabled me to not only grow academically but also personally and professionally, and for that, I am genuinely indebted to the HEP program here at USU.

Madi Johansen

Madi Johansen


The College of Education and Human Services has so much to offer. The nursing program at Utah State University is great, and I have loved every minute of it. From the time I was little, I have always wanted to be a nurse. I really like how nurses get to interact with so many different people, and help them! The nursing major is so rewarding, and taught by great professors. I can’t wait to be a nurse! 

Student ambassador

Megan Birkin

Communicative Disorders & Deaf Education

A commonality between everyone in the College of Education & Human Services is a passion for helping people. Whether that is face-to-face, virtually, with kids, adults, or any kind of person in any walk of life, we love empowering others! This is why I love the college and why I am majoring in Communicative Disorders & Deaf Education. Being able to give people the freedom of speech & communication is an incredible thing to be a part of, and the goal to be able to provide that power to people every day gives me so much purpose as I make my way through college. I love being an Aggie!

Sophie Opperman

Sophie Opperman

Human Development and Family Studies

HDFS is all about improving quality of life through practical, fun, applicable courses. Everyone who is part of a family or has any kind of relationship in their life benefits from the wisdom taught in these classes. I love learning how to better serve those around me, and as the added bonus, I have learned so many things that are helping me reach my own potential! You will never regret taking any course in this program as each just prepares you more for future experiences. Each one is also taught by amazing professors who have great knowledge of what they are teaching and they care. They are very approachable and great to communicate with.

Hailey Johnson

Hailey Johnson

Secondary Education--Social Studies

Secondary Education is all about helping empower and inspire the next generation to become successful, intelligent, and involved citizens. Here at Utah State, our education program offers many opportunities to help you receive first hand experience in the field. Your studies will provide you with meaningful classes and tools to help you improve yourself and inspire you to do what you love. I have felt so supported and inspired through the various staff and mentors here in the College of Education and have realized that I can succeed in anything if I put my mind to it. Go Aggies! 

C.J. Smith

Lindsey Warburon

Elementary Education

From classes on Education of Students with Disabilities and Arts Method Courses to experiences with students and teachers in classrooms, USU has so much to offer to future teachers. USU offers one of the best Elementary Education programs in the state! I love collaborating with and learning from the Emma Eccles Jones College of Education and Human Services’ experienced faculty. Working with students in classrooms as soon as my first year in the program has been one of my favorite parts of being a part of the Elementary Education program here at USU.

Erica Rood

Erica Rood

Special Education

I love the College of Education and Human Services! All my Special Education teachers truly care and I have loved my time here. There is no other place I would rather be!

Student ambassador

Luke Hayes


The Kinesiology program at Utah State is fantastic. In addition to providing valuable classes that further understanding, they provide real opportunities to make connections in the community. I’m impressed by the in depth knowledge of the professors, and the care that they put in to helping each student achieve their personal goals.