Information for Incoming Freshman

Whether you are still considering coming to USU, or have plans to come in the near future, we want you to know that we look forward to helping you become the best teacher you can be. Our program for teacher licensure is nationally accredited, and our teachers are sought after by school districts around the region and beyond. Teacher education programs vary among universities, so we want you to know how it works at USU and help you get off to a great start.

Please take time to read all of this material at one time, and follow directions to obtain graduation and licensure. You will graduate from the department of your selected teaching major or composite. You will begin teacher licensure courses in the Department of Secondary Education after all of the following steps are completed.

Step 1: Do the following

Note: Please declare your teaching major on your application to USU. Your major will be declared within your teaching major department, such as Math Education, History Teaching etc., it will not be listed as Secondary Education.

As a secondary school teacher, you will be licensed to teach subjects in grades 7-12. Think about what subjects you intend to teach, then carefully go over the list of approved teaching composites, majors, and minors listed below. You must declare a teaching composite major, or a teaching major, that appears on this list. Try to find one or more composites, majors and minors on the list that you may be interested in, and that match the subjects you want to teach. If you select a single-subject teaching major, you may also decide to select a teaching minor. Go over the list below, then go to step 2.
Approved Teaching Composites Majors and Minors

Remember that composite teaching majors do not require a minor, although you may choose additional minors for licensure.

Step 2: Meet with advisors

The list below has the names of the advisors associated with each of the majors and minors you have chosen. Contact the designated advisor in each department and ask for all of the department information on the composite, major or minor. Arrange to meet with the advisors to go over the requirements for the teaching majors and minors you have selected. After you have chosen your major, be sure to declare that major on your Application for Admission to the university, or if you have already been accepted, notify the Admissions Office of your declared major. If you will be attending SOAR, you will meet with your advisors during SOAR and will not have to arrange a separate meeting. After finding your advisors from the list, go on to Step 3 below.

Academic Advisors for Secondary Teacher Preparation

Step 3: Read

Read all the information on this website over the next few weeks, especially the information on the requirements for admission to Teacher Education, and the Application for Admission to Teacher Education. During your first two years at USU, complete your University Studies Courses, and the courses required for graduation in your teaching composite, or major and minor, as required. Meet with your major advisor at least once every semester. You will also want to meet with the Secondary Education advisor sometime during your first year to discuss the requirements to apply to the Secondary Teacher Education Program (STEP).

During your first two years you will complete your University Studies requirements, graduation requirements, and the required courses for graduation in your teaching composite, or major and minor. You will also complete all requirements for admission to Teacher Education. Your advisors will help you complete your application form and will sign it. You will complete the three-semester Teacher Education Program during the last three semesters before you graduate.