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Change of Grade

To change grades please click on the Faculty and Staff forms from the Registrar's Office. You will need the information below to change the grade.

  • Student Name and A-Number
  • Course Information: CRN, Subject, Course, Semester, Year
  • Previous Grade and New Grade
  • If the change of grade request comes from someone other than the primary instructor of record, the instructor will be copied on the confirmation of the grade change.
  • If the grade being changed is older than one year, the Dean of the college will be copied on the confirmation of the grade change.

Procedures for Students Not Meeting Professional Expectations

The following procedures are to be followed as early in the semester as possible when a student’s performance in a teacher preparation course may result in the student being dropped from the teacher preparation program.

  1. The instructor addresses the academic performance issues with the student either face-to-face or electronically. If instructors wish, they may reach out to the Director of Undergraduate Teacher Preparation for assistance.
  2. If this fails to produce changes in performance, the instructor schedules and conducts a personal contact with the student in which the performance issues and remedies are specified in writing in the student contact report form which is then dated and signed by the instructor and the student.
  3. The contact report form is forwarded to the Director of Undergraduate Teacher Preparation with a recommendation from the instructor as to whether intervention should be escalated to the Director or not.
  4. The director will establish a discussion board concerning the student and will ask past and present instructors to provide information about the student’s previous and current performance.
  5. The director will determine, based on the recommendation of the instructor submitting the student contact form and information gathered through the discussion board, whether to intervene one-on-one or to convene a panel of TEAL faculty to review the student’s issues and make recommendation and requirements for improving that student’s performance.
  6. Recommendations and requirements from the committee will be communicated in writing to the student within five business days.

These procedures are not to be followed if a student violates student code through academic dishonesty, classroom incivility or threats/harassment to self or others. Rather, the instructor should inform the Department Head and the Director of Ungraduated Teacher Preparation and also contact the university’s office of student affairs for guidance on their procedures to be followed. Coordinating with that office, the department reserves the right to conduct its own investigation and enforce its own sanctions to maintain the integrity of its program.

Incomplete Grade Information

The USU policy for incomplete grades requires instructors to provide documentation with an incomplete grade submission. The documentation is to be shared with the student and to include outstanding coursework required to complete the course, and an agreed upon date when the coursework will be completed. Instructors are to document what grade the student will receive if they fail to complete their work by the agreed upon due date.

To streamline the process, the Registrar’s Office has created a new ServiceNow form with all the necessary steps to submit an incomplete grade. Once the request has been submitted, it will be sent to respective students for approval before being processed by Registrar’s Office.

Because this process now exists in ServiceNow, incomplete grades have been removed from the Canvas and the Banner grade submission applications. If you have questions, please reach out to Adam Gleed in the Registrar’s Office at 435-797-7095.

ServiceNow link: Incomplete Grade Request ServiceNow Form

Syllabi Matrix Template

Travel Authorization Form

Use this Travel Authorization form when traveling for the University, even if there will not be any reimbursement. This form must be submitted and approved PRIOR to travel. Do not incur any travel related expenses until the TA has been approved. To begin this process, complete this form and send it to the department Business Manager, Rhonda Derrick. The Business Manager will add approval and funding information to the form and move it forward to the department Travel Specialist, Nissa Boman, who will process your travel authorization in ServiceNow. Once the ServiceNow TA form is built and submitted, it will be circulated for needed approvals which include the Department Head. Please DO NOT complete the ServiceNow Travel Request form.

Online Conference Registration

Online conferences do not require a TA as no travel is involved. Complete the Online Conference Registration Form and send it to the department Business Manager, Rhonda Derrick. The Business Manager will add approval, and then send you an email assigning a staff member to assist with paying for your registration on the department p-card. Faculty should not purchase the registration on their own and request reimbursement.

Travel Reimbursement

The Travel Reimbursement form is used to request reimbursement. This form can be submitted prior to travel for any expenses incurred after approval of the TA and at least two weeks prior to travel. Otherwise, it should be submitted after the travel has occurred. All expenses must be supported by a receipt that includes detailed information of the expense AND proof of payment. This form and the required documentation is submitted to the Travel Specialist, Nissa Boman. If you are unsure if your documentation is sufficient, please ask Nissa. You are required to have an Accounts Payable Direct Deposit account set up in order to receive your travel reimbursement. You can do this via Banner Access. Once logged in, click on the "Personal Information" tab. On that tab, click the "View/Update Direct Deposit Information" link, make sure that the Accounts Payable Deposit section (at the bottom of the page) is accurately completed or updated. If you add any information or make any changes, make sure to click on the save button. While you are in the “Personal Information” tab, please also verify that your address information is accurately updated.

Membership and Conference Registration

Reimbursement for membership is allowed if the total cost of membership plus the cost of member registration is less than the non-member registration. If this is the case, you can be reimbursed for both because it is saving the university money.

Mileage Tracking Form

Use this milage tracking form if you are tracking mileage for site visits, supervision, etc. over an extended period of time. If the travel is not tied to the semester (e.g. supervision) the December 15 and May 15 deadlines can be ignored.

Mailing Packages/Bulk

When sending packages, large envelopes, or multiple letters we use the USU Distribution office. Please fill out the Mail Charge Slip and make sure to list the UMC 2805 so it comes back to the TEAL department. With this form you can directly charge a grant index if you know the number. You can leave your items to be mailed in the TEAL office for Lauren to take to the mail room, drop it off at the USU Distribution and Postal Services office on the east side of Maverick Stadium, or take it to the USU Post Office in the TSC where it will be picked up by distribution.

To purchase postage and use the USU Post Office you will need a p-card. Please check with Rhonda and Lauren if you need this option.