Ingenieros Ingeniosos

Líderes Latines Marcar la Diferencia Resolviendo Problemas

Ingenieros Ingeniosos (Ingenious Engineers): Connecting Latinx Youths' Workplace Practices with Engineering via Informal Education

At Utah State University, we are excited to introduce you to Ingenieros Ingeniosos (Ingenious Engineers), an initiative aimed at advancing engineering education and empowering educators to inspire the engineers of tomorrow. This project offers valuable insights for all those involved in shaping the future of Latine STEM education. At Ingenieros Ingeniosos, we are passionate about introducing students to the humanistic aspects of engineering. Our program is structured around a series of engaging and hands-on lessons, each designed to nurture engineering skills and foster a strong sense of engineering identity and personal assets.


Raspados Engineering

Students holding their raspado designLearning the engineering cycle by making raspados!

Egg Drop Design with 3D Printing

Student holding their egg drop design they made by 3D printingUsing 3D printers to create the ultimate egg drop design. 

Wind Turbine Design

Student holding their wind turbine design
Creating wind turbines that actually generate electricity!