Elementary Mathematics Endorsement

The online Elementary Mathematics Endorsement Program in the School of Teacher Education and Leadership is a unique program designed to strengthen K-8 classroom teachers' knowledge of mathematics content and assessment at the graduate level.  The 18-credit endorsement program includes six three-credit courses designed to improve mathematical knowledge for teaching at the elementary level.  Teachers can earn the endorsement only or use the endorsement as part of a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education. The program is offered completely online.  The Elementary Mathematics Endorsement Program is a graduate program for individuals who already possess an undergraduate degree. For those interested in the undergraduate Middle School Math Endorsement, information can be found here: Middle School Mathemathics Endorsement

To teach secondary mathematics, grades 7-12, you must earn a Mathematics Education degree or Mathematics/Statistics Composite degree, both of which lead to a professional educator license in Utah.

Program Options

Students who enroll in the Elementary Mathematics Endorsement program at Utah State University have two options: (1) Students can earn the Elementary Mathematics Endorsement only; or, (2) Students can apply the 18-credit endorsement to a Master of Education Degree in Elementary Education.

Endorsement-Only Option: Students interested in enrolling in the Elementary Mathematics Endorsement only option can enroll in any one of the endorsement courses: TEAL 6521, TEAL 6522, TEAL 6523, TEAL 6524, TEAL 6525, or TEAL 6551. After completion of the six courses in the 18-credit endorsement sequence, students must apply to the Utah State Board of Education to obtain the endorsement.

Master’s Degree Option: Master’s Degree Option: Students can apply the six courses in the 18-credit endorsement sequence to a Master of Education Degree in Elementary Education with the Elementary Mathematics Endorsement serving as their major area of concentration. Students must be admitted to the School of Graduate Studies prior to completing 12 credits (or 4 courses) of the mathematics endorsement coursework. Students choosing this option must enroll in TEAL 6521, TEAL 6522, TEAL 6523, TEAL 6524, TEAL 6525, and TEAL 6551.

For information about school district options or completing your endorsement, contact the director today to begin your graduate work in Mathematics Education and Leadership at Utah State University!


The Elementary Mathematics Endorsement Program offers the following courses online for students in the endorsement program.

All Courses Are Offered Online

  • TEAL 6521: Numbers & Operations
  • TEAL 6522: Rational Numbers & Proportional Reasoning
  • TEAL 6523: Algebraic Reasoning
  • TEAL 6524: Geometry & Measurement
  • TEAL 6525: Data Analysis & Problem Solving
  • TEAL 6551: Assessment & Intervention

For more information contact:
Patricia Moyer-Packenham, PhD
Mathematics Education and Leadership Program Director