Dual Language Immersion Endorsement

Utah State University offers a Dual Language Immersion Endorsement. The endorsement is available to university students seeking degrees in elementary and secondary education. 

Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI)

  • The OPI or OPIc must be passed at an Advanced-Low score in order to begin the DLI track. However, an OPI or OPIc score of Advanced-Mid is required to earn the DLI Endorsement through the Utah State Office of Education. Students are allowed entry into the DLI track with an Advanced-Low score so that they have the opportunity to continue their language development during the program. It is recommended that students take the OPI or OPIc as soon as they return from an experience abroad. 
  • In order to achieve an OPI/OPIc score of Advanced-Mid it is recommended that students take university-level courses in the target language of instruction well beyond grammar courses. This may be achieved through a rigorous study abroad program. Students will be required to have an Advanced-Mid OPI score in order to student teach in a DLI classroom. Secondary teachers must complete student teaching at the secondary level, and elementary teachers must complete student teaching at the elementary level.

The endorsement requires the courses listed below. All courses must be completed with C grades or higher.

Teaching Methods and Second Language Acquisition: 4 Credits 

  • LING 5400: Teaching Modern Languages – 3 credits (fall semester only)
  • SCED 3300/4300: Clinical Experience Dual Immersion Classroom - 1 credit (fall and spring semesters only)

Foundations: 6 credits

  • LING 4700/6700: Foundations of Dual Language Immersion Education – 3 credits (spring semester only) It will be important that students work with an advisor to develop a plan of study. LING 5400 and SCED 3300/4300 are desired pre-requisites for LING 4700.
  • Choice of one elective after consultation with advisor.
    • TEAL 5735: Language Systems, Acquisition and Instruction for English Learners  - 3 credits
    • SPAN 5060: El español oral y escrito en el mundo académico y profesional - 3 credits
    • SPAN 4200/6200: Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics - 3 credits
    • SCED 5100: Motivation and Classroom Management-3 credits (Secondary)
    • ELED 5105: Motivation and Classroom Management -3 credits (Elementary)

Instructional Strategies and Assessment: 6 Credits

  • TEAL 4770/6770: ESOL Instructional Strategies in the Content Areas - 3 credits
  • TEAL 4780/6780: Assessment for Language Learners - 3 credits

Student Teaching: 12-15 Credits

  • If a student has achieved an Advanced-Mid score on the OPI she/he may complete a portion of the student teaching experience in a dual language immersion classroom. The Advanced-Mid OPI score must be submitted with the student teaching application. A student whose language development is not yet at the Advanced-Mid level will teach in an English-speaking classroom.
  • Eligible languages include Spanish, French, Chinese, German, Portuguese, and Russian.

For more information, contact:
TEAL Advisement Center
(435) 797-0391