Undergraduate Program Assessment

Assessment Implementation Results and Use
AAQEP Accreditation Quality Assurance Report, submitted November 2018, reviewed February 2019
Notification of Accreditation Decision May 2019
2020 AAQEP Annual Report
2021 AAQEP Annual Report
2022 AAQEP Annual Report

Programs accredited by AAQEP are:
Early Childhood Education - BA, BS
Early Childhood Education and Special Education: Birth to 5 Emphasis Composite - BA, BS
Elementary Education - BA, BS
Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education (Dual) - BA, BS
Elementary Education and Special Education: Mild/Moderate Emphasis Composite - BA, BS
Secondary Education - 2nd BA/BS
Secondary Teacher Education Program:
Social Studies Composite Teaching - BA, BS
Math Education, Math/Stats Composite - BA, BS
Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences, Chemistry, Earth Science, Physics - BA, BS
Art Education - BFA
Music Education - BM
Theater Education - BFA
Agricultural Education - BA, BS
Technology and Engineering Education - BA, BS
Family Consumer Sciences Education - BA, BS
Business Education - BA, BS
Spanish Teaching, French Teaching, German Teaching - BA, BS
English Teaching - BA, BS
History Teaching - BA, BS
Physical Education - BA, BS