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Applicants with a qualifying master's degree may become eligible to sit for the Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC) exam under Category 3. The Category 3 requirements can be found here Along with the educational requirements, there are employment requirements as well. 


To qualify to sit for the CRC exam, students must take a course in each CRC area. Courses may have been taken as part of a qualifying master's degree. If there are courses that were not taken as part of a master's degree, those courses can be taken at USU to fulfill the requirements. USU is unable to evaluate transcripts to determine if a course would count or not, but CRCC will review your transcripts for a fee:

Not sure if you have completed the coursework needed to qualify as a Category 3 applicant? CRCC offers a pre-review of Category 3 applicant transcripts. Contact Alicia Osborne at for details. There is a non-refundable, $75 charge for this review. 

Applicants who need 1-15 credits will apply as non-degree seeking students. Applicants who need 16-23 credits are eligible to apply for the USU Certificate Program in Rehabilitation & Disability Studies.


CRC Areas and equivalent USU Courses are listed in the table below:


CRC Area

USU Course



Professional Orientation & Ethics in Rehabilitation Counseling

REH 6100

Foundations of Rehabilitation Counseling

(3 credits)


Medical & Psychosocial Aspects of Disabilities

REH 6110


REH 6120

Medical Aspects of Disability (3 credits)


Psychosocial Aspects of Disability (3 credits)





REH 6190

Assessment in Rehabilitation Counseling (3 credits)


Career Development Theories & Job Dev and Placement Techniques

REH 6160

Career Development, Analysis, & Placement (3 credits)


Case Management & Community Partnerships

REH 6150

Rehabilitation Services and Resources (2 credits)


Theories & Techniques of Counseling

REH 6200

Theories of Counseling (3 credits)


Research, Methodology, & Performance Standards

REH 6230

Intro to Research in Rehabilitation Counseling (3 credits)