ASL Minor

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Learning another language is a great asset to any career and American Sign Language (ASL) is no exception.  The coursework to earn the ASL minor is rigorous and covers much more than typical ASL classes.  Aspects of Deaf culture, Deaf history, ASL history, linguistics, ASL folklore and literature, and pragmatics are covered in the ASL courses through a total immersion approach.  

University Catalog – ASL Minor

Mason Hayes

Mason Hayes

Graduate Program Coordinator / Graduate and Deaf Education Academic Advisor

Phone: 435-797-9094
Office Location: Lillywhite 148

ASL Course Rotation Schedule:

Effective Fall 2023: Courses required for the ASL Minor are offered face-to-face or online, as shown in the following table:

Campus Fall Spring Summer
3010 X X  
3910 X X  
4910 X    
4920   X  
4780 X    
Online Fall Spring Summer
3010 X X X
3910   X  
4910   X  
4920   X  
4780 X