Praxis Review

Elementary Education

For all Elementary Education Majors (including Early Childhood Education [ECE], Elementary Education [ELED], and any dual or composite degrees with ECE or ELED):

The required Praxis test that must be passed before you can be licensed as a teacher is the Multiple Subjects (5001) test.

All four sections must be completed successfully for licensure. The cut score for each test that qualifies you for licensure is shown below:

  • LANGUAGE--157
  • MATH--157
  • SCIENCE--159

Links to study materials are provided below.

Note: While passing only two of these tests qualifies you for Licensure Lane Designation in your ELED degree program, you must pass all four tests before student teaching.

Secondary Education

 The required Praxis test and cut score varies by teaching major.

For a list of Secondary Education PRAXIS exams please go to

Note: All SCED degree program students must pass their required content test before student teaching.

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