Gifted and Talented Endorsement

The School of Teacher Education and Leadership at Utah State University provides teacher preparation programs in gifted and talented education in order to develop educators who have the knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary to provide high quality services in a variety of settings to diverse individuals with unique gifts and talents.

Endorsement Program

The Gifted and Talented endorsement is awarded by the Utah State Board of Education (USBE) upon completion of appropriate coursework at an institution of higher education with an approved endorsement program, which includes the program at Utah State University (USU). The endorsement applicant must hold a valid Utah teaching license. Courses at USU are offered during fall and spring semesters. Classes are taught via broadcast to USU Statewide Campuses and educational centers throughout the state of Utah. Students may take the courses as Continuing Education Units (CEUs) at a deeply discounted rate or may enroll in courses as part of their Master’s degree program at USU.


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To apply to take the endorsement classes only (without a master's degree), follow the instructions

Further information about the USU Master’s program can be found on the Master of Education webpage.

Program Standards

The equivalent of sixteen semester credit hours (24 CEUs) is required for the Gifted and Talented Endorsement from the Utah State Board of Education (USBE). All coursework must be completed within 8 years of the date application is made for the endorsement. USU offers five sets of courses that total 15 semester credits (22.5 CEUs) toward the GT endorsement. Each set is comprised of a lecture course for 2 credits and a practicum experience for 1 credit that must be taken concurrently. Browse a listing of the USU required courses.

The additional 1 semester credit (1.5 CEUs) is typically earned through attendance at the annual conference of the Utah Association for Gifted Children (UAGC). More information about UAGC Conference can be obtained at

Endorsement Application

Once the coursework requirements are met, endorsement students may apply directly to USBE. Apply.

Contact Information

Dr. Scott L. Hunsaker