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COVID and Telehealth

September 2020

At the Sorenson Center, we seek to foster a safe environment where students and clinicians can provide quality care to our clients either in person or via telehealth. We are all responsible for maintaining a healthy community and appreciate you engaging in COVID-Safe behaviors both onsite and off. Please review the Sorenson Center’s in Person Procedures as well as the Infection Control/Prevention PPE Training below.


The Telehealth Zoom Tutorial is to help you navigate Zoom as you provide telehealth services through the platform. Prior to providing telehealth services, you will need to fill out the Telehealth Attestation Form, and if you intend to provide telehealth services off-site you will need to fill out the Telehealth Exception Request Form.

Providing Telehealth Services

Recording Telehealth Sessions

Telehealth: Working Securely with PHI

Point and Click

Health Care Policies


Onboarding Employees

Offboarding Employees