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SCCE Employee Resources

Find all the resources for SCCE employees below.

The Telehealth Zoom Tutorial is to help you navigate Zoom as you provide telehealth services through the platform. Prior to providing telehealth services, you will need to fill out the Telehealth Attestation Form, and if you intend to provide telehealth services off-site you will need to fill out the Telehealth Exception Request Form.

Providing Telehealth Services

Recording Telehealth Sessions

Telehealth: Working Securely with PHI

Accessing ePHI Off-site
All telehealth sessions are expected to occur from within the SCCE.  However, ePHI systems can be accessed off-site using CEHS/SCCE provided MacBooks.  To request permission to access ePHI from off-site and to receive an SCCE MacBook please complete this form:

Before completing this form, please make sure you have read the Policy on Accessing ePHI.

When PHI is included in electronic communications, these messages must be sent via an encrypted platform.  The SCCE currently uses 2 systems to send encrypted e-mails:

  • Virtru is used by CCRs and billing staff to communicate with clients, including sending forms and records
  • Outlook can be used to supervisors / clinicians to send encrypted e-mails to clients and other professionals who are outside of USU.  Only supervisors / clinicians should send Outlook messages to non-USU addresses.
  • Outlook can also be used by student clinicians to communicate with their supervisors.  However, students should not use Outlook to communicate with clients or anyone outside of USU

For information on sending encrypted messages via Outlook, please refer to this process sheet.

When sending messages via Outlook it is important to remember that the minimum necessary information should be shared and when possible, initials or first names of clients should be used.  In addition, all SCCE personnel are strongly encouraged to use the IM feature in PnC to communicate internally regarding clients.

If you have questions about electronic communications, please reach out to Joni Black (

To request at flyer to use for marketing / advertising, please complete the CEHS flyer request form:

Send the completed form to Gretchen Peacock ( who will review the form and forward to the CEHS PR and Marketing team.

All flyers created for SCCE purposes (e.g., events, promotion of clinical services) must be approved through this process.  Note that a minimum of 2 weeks is needed for flyers to be created.

Patients have a right to access their medical records. It is important that we help provide patients with their own health information as well as help facilitate requests to release information to another provider. Patients also have the right to revoke a signed authorization at any time. In addition, patients may request to restrict the use and disclosure of their PHI and request alternative means of communication between themselves and the SCCE. Please have the patient fill out the appropriate form below and return to the specific clinic CCR.