HDFS Graduate Course Offerings

Updated 1/11/2022

The following courses are offered as indicated in the listed semesters. Graduate courses in HDFS are not offered during summer semesters. 

CEHS Graduate Course Offerings Mentored (non-classroom) Learning

Course Code USU Catalog Even Years Odd Years
Spring Fall Spring Fall
HDFS 6010 Survey: Family Relations      
HDFS 6020 Survey of Human Development Research      
HDFS 6031 Research Methods    
HDFS 6040 Family Economics      
HDFS 6045 Financial Literacy Programs      
HDFS 6060 Human Development Theories    
HDFS 6070 Family Theories    
HDFS 6200 Topical Seminar in HDFS* (Cancelled for Spring 2024)    
HDFS 6210 Cultural Diversity in Families      
HDFS 6220 Interpersonal Family Relationships      
HDFS 6230 Family and Social Policy       
HDFS 6510 Development in Infancy       
HDFS 6520 Development in Childhood      
HDFS 6530 Development in Adolescence      
HDFS 6540 Adulthood and Aging      
HDFS 6910 Parenting      
HDFS 6960 HDFS Graduate Orientation (1 credit)    
HDFS 6961 HDFS Teaching Assistantship Orientation (1 credit)    
HDFS 7032 Multivariate Data Analysis in HDFS    
HDFS 7034 Research Methods IV: Extant/Secondary Data Analysis      
HDFS 7060 Advanced Research/Theory in Human Development      
HDFS 7080 Professional Development      
HDFS 7070 Advanced Research/Theory in Family Relations      
HDFS 7033 Research Methods III: Dyadic and Longitudinal Data      
HDFS 7200 Topical Seminar in HDFS * (Cancelled for Spring 2024)    
HDFS 7210 Cultural Diversity in Families      
HDFS 7220 Interpersonal Family Relationships      
HDFS 7230 Family and Social Policy       
HDFS 7510 Development in Infancy       
HDFS 7520 Development in Childhood      
HDFS 7530 Development in Adolescence      
HDFS 7540 Adulthood and Aging      
HDFS 7910 Parenting      

Updated 8/9/2023