Allison Goodworth (Parent)

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Matt viewing 2017 solar exlipse with classmates
Matt Goodworth, viewing the 2017 solar eclipse with classmates
during Aggies Elevated Base Camp at Utah State
University in Logan.

Aggies Elevated: High Expectations, With Support: Matt's Success Story

Backing up and letting Matt figure things out on his own is by far the most difficult thing I’ve ever done in my life! But I’m seeing growth and I trust this program implicitly. We have been involved in special education for over 10 years and I feel like these past several months of Matt being in Aggies Elevated is the first time I’ve seen it being done the way it is supposed to be done. Your program provides the right support to allow Matt to do as much as he is able. It’s a beautiful combination of high expectations and support. One of those components has always been missing in previous experiences. Either the program didn’t provide adequate support -- and he truly couldn’t do what he needed to do -- or it didn’t have high expectations and he didn’t grow. We feel like Aggies Elevated has been an answer to prayers and I’m already panicking about what we’re going to do in 18 months when it’s over.

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Aggies Elevated at Utah State University believes that all individuals, regardless of ability, have the right to meaning ful employment, lifelong learning, self-determination and full community inclusion. Utilizing the MyCLIMB (My Career Ladder to Independence, Maturity and Balance) person-centered planning model, Aggies Elevated students, along with invited family members and/or other stakeholders, will chart their own paths toward independence within an individualized framework of supports that identifies challenges, builds on individual strengths and encourages personal responsibility.