May 4, 2022
Aggies Elevated 2021
Aggies Elevated students at the 2021 end-of-year talent show

     This has been a fantastic year for Aggies Elevated! We have seen a lot of growth in our program throughout the 2021-2022 school year and seen our students grow and adapt in so many ways to face the unique challenges and opportunities of the college experience. 
     New students began the 2021-2022 school year with our Summer Prep Course, following along with the USU 1010 Connections course that each Utah State University incoming freshmen participates in. They read along to the book "Becoming a Lifelong Learner" and learned essential skills for being successful on campus. They also attended the USU Luminary event to kick off the school year. Many students said this was one of the highlights of their experience this year!
     As the school year progressed, students started classes, study groups and mentor meetings. Mentors are an essential part of the success of Aggies Elevated. They help students make and achieve their academic, personal and social goals for the week and provide support for the students as needed. Fun activities are also a part of mentor-student relationships, with "Fun Friday" events students can attend if they are able to accomplish that week's goals. 
     Aggies Elevated students take a combination of USU classes and Aggies Elevated classes and are also expected to work at a 50-hour-per-semester internship. Students are able to choose and apply for their internship, while learning skills in interviewing, networking and creating "elevator speeches" for themselves. These experiences are meant to help students with cultivating a work and school life balance, while also working on setting and sticking to a schedule. 
     As the semesters progress, students begin to work on their "MyCLIMB" presentations to present at the end of the year. This presentation highlights their strengths, goals and supports in five areas: Lifelong Learning, Independent Living, Community Involvement, Self-Advocacy, and Career Development. This presentation becomes a guide for the rest of their college experiences and into later life as they follow and achieve these goals. 
     Aggies Elevated students also participate in social events at Aggies Elevated, from our 2021 end-of-year talent show (pictured above) to attending USU sports events and other on-campus activities. Students are encouraged to actively participate in clubs, events, and other on-campus opportunities. 
    One of the unique highlights of this year was the partnership between Aggies Elevated and Jump the Moon Art Studio, where Aggies Elevated students helped create and facilitate Jump the Moon's "Creative Problem Solving" course. The course focused on finding solutions to problems through artwork and creative exploration. For instance, students participated in one activity blindfolded in order to find creative solutions on how to create art if you were blind or visually impaired. Students really enjoyed the creation of this class and we look forward to seeing the course in action!
     Students also had the opportunity to attend a rock-climbing event with Common Ground Outdoor Adventures at the end of the 2021-2022 school year. This was a great opportunity for students to socialize and learn in another setting. Students made goals to achieve that day, and many went above and beyond their originally set goals, finishing multiple courses and advancing to more difficult levels. 
     We are also excited for the upcoming school year, as Utah State's Eastern Campus in Price, Utah is opening their Aggies Elevated program for the 2022-2023 school year! In the meantime, students are lining up summer jobs and preparing for next year. We are excited to have our students returning along with a group of new students both in Logan and in Price, and we can't wait to have Aggies Elevated continue to #ClimbHigher! 

Rock Climbing
Students attend Common Ground Rock Climbing event