April 13, 2022
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(Left to right) Michaela Goodloe, Emmy John, Hannah Evans, Megan Stringham

     We are so excited for our graduating mentors of Spring 2022! Hannah, Megan, Michaela and Emmy have devoted countless hours to the Aggies Elevated program and while we are sad to see them go, we are so grateful for their service for Aggies Elevated. 

     Emmy John has worked for Aggies Elevated for four years and has recieved her DLI endorsement. She is graduating in elementary education and mild/moderate special education with a minor in French.

      Michaela Goodloe has worked for Aggies Elevated for three years and is graduating with her major in Music Therapy and her minor in Disability Studies.

      Hannah Evans has spent 2 years with the Aggies Elevated program, graduating with her Special Education major and minor in piano.

      Megan Stringham, who has also spent 2 years with the program, is also graduating with her major in Special Education. 

     We are excited to see where these students go and what influence they will have in the future! Good luck Graduating Class of 2022! 

     Mentors are an essential part of the Aggies Elevated program, working 10-20 hours a week to help students with their personal, academic and social goals. Mentors are an essential and unique feature of Aggies Elevated, and we are lucky to have them!