March 29th, 2022
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Jump the Moon instructor Michael Bingham demonstrates for Aggies Elevated student Sophia

     Jump the Moon, a nonprofit art gallery and studio located in Logan Utah, has partnered with Aggies Elevated to create a new course for Utah State University. Aggies Elevated director Sue Reeves says the idea for the partnership began last semester, saying, "Michael Bingham from the Jump the Moon Art Studio approached Aggies Elevated with an idea to pilot a creative problem-solving class. It’s been pretty popular with the students. They seem to be enjoying the activities, as well as the chance to provide feedback for the development of an actual class at USU!"
     This Creative Problem Solving course gives students the opportunity to explore art theory in new ways, for instance, experiencing what it's like to make art blindfolded or being restricted to using only shapes in an art piece. The goal of this course is to show there are no limitations on how to create art, no matter your
level of ability. 
     The Jump the Moon course creation process has also given students a chance to socialize and get to know each other better. Aggies Elevated student Keegan says his favorite part of the Jump the Moon course is that it "gives me the opportunity to interact with other students outside of the classroom." 
     We are excited to continue to see this project in action and see what our wonderful students create!