April 21, 2022
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Aggies Elevated student Michelle

     Common Ground Outdoor Adventures provided the opportunity for Aggies Elevated students to participate in an end-of-year rock climbing event this past Friday! This has been a much-anticipated event and it was an excellent chance for students to have a fun time and to learn about goal setting and problem solving!
     Students began the event by setting goals for their climbing experience. Some made the goal to try one course, others made the goal to reach the top of multiple courses. Each student was very motivated to reach their goals, and every student made it to the top of at least one course! After the event, students stretched with the instructors while they talked about their goals.
     This event was an excellent opportunity for students to stretch past their limits while also having a fun social activity. Common Ground's mission is to provide people with disabilities with outdoor recreation experiences by removing physical, social and financial barriers to do so. We are so glad that we were able to partner with their organization to provide our students this opportunity!