July 14, 2022
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Dr Robert "Bob" Morgan

Robert "Bob" Morgan has been involved with Aggies Elevated for ten years, and just recently entered retirement after a long service with Utah State University helping students with intellectual and physical disabilities on campus. Bob has been a tenured Professor of Special Education at Utah State since 2004. He started his career teaching at USU in 1991 as a Research Assistant Professor, moving to Research Associate Professor in 1999, and becoming an Associate Professor in 2001. He has had 5 chapters of his works published in 3 separate books and has contributed 98 articles to disability research in Special Education and inclusive post-secondary education. He has also brought in over $12 million dollars to USU throughout his career, including the TPSID grant that funded Aggies Elevated in 2015.

Bob has been an invaluable member of the Aggies Elevated team for the past decade. Bob said concerning his future plans: "I started Aggies Elevated with Dr. Jeff Sheen almost 10 years ago and I’d love to stay involved going forward.  I hope to remain involved in activities related to transition of students from school to adulthood on a national level. I’ve had some preliminary conversations. But in the immediate future, my plans are to remove a couple of pesky tree stumps in the front yard!"

Bob is looking forward to his upcoming retirement, saying,  "I’m excited to get out for hikes, drives in the mountains, and (for) skiing opportunities. I’ve been on a 24/7 work schedule for the last 30 years and it is going to be great to have “free time.” Just having time-to-fill is a rather novel opportunity for me."

We also asked Bob to share his advice for incoming and current Aggies Elevated students. With ten years working with Aggies Elevated and his work as a professor, Bob knows tactics to succeed in college and in the AE program and includes very valuable advice. His top ten pieces of advice were as follows: 

(1) Learn to take relevant notes during a professor’s lecture. Use resources developed by Aggies Elevated and the content of the Study Skills class.

(2) Set aside study time and stick to it.

(3) During study time, organize your reading. Take notes on your reading.

(4) Anticipate what your professor is going to ask you on quizzes and tests by looking for learning objectives, summaries, etc. Focus on these materials in your study.

(5) Know that you will work harder than you ever have. If you are human, you will probably get frustrated and overwhelmed. Practice deep breathing and saying to yourself “I can do this. I can be a good student. Just relax.”

(6) Ask your professor when you have questions. Practice what to say and don’t shy away. Approach professors after class, during office time for your class, or send an email. Usually, professors like questions from students. Just don’t overdo it!

(7) Use your mentors: take their advice and ask them questions. Their job is to help you.

(8) Use your accommodations. They are designed to help you get good grades and succeed.

(9) Use “I statements” like “I am confused”, “I’m overwhelmed”, or “I need a short break.” “I statements” send a clear message about what you need. Avoid “you statements” like “you are confusing me!”

(10) Have fun! There are tons of fun activities on a college campus. Make friends and socialize. But don’t let the fun invade your study time!

We are so grateful for the work that Bob has done for Aggies Elevated, and we look forward to seeing what projects he will work on in the future.

Thank you Bob!