Hard Work Pays Off For New Student

Aggies Elevated

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Aggies Elevated Student Lifting weights
First-year Aggies Elevated student Jon with Kareem, his weight training instructor.

The weight training instructor for one of our first-year students sent the following e-mail to the student’s parents. This message is published here with the permission of all involved.

Jon has been doing great! He is always the first student to show up and he always works throughout the entire class. The class structure allows students to choose from a couple of options: sign in and do your own routine or complete a predetermined routine that I provide. While he mostly completes his own routine, he does incorporate some aspects of the routine I provide. The other week I went over small details and tips for squatting and saw him implementing them the very next class.

The majority of my 7:30 a.m. class are students familiar in a weight-room and have different goals, so I place a greater emphasis on subtle form corrections and optimizing exercise order in a workout. Jon loves bench pressing and has been improving, but I am most happy with the progress he is making in trying a few new exercises and adjusting them for his own goals.

Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.



Aggies Elevated at Utah State University believes that all individuals, regardless of ability, have the right to meaningful employment, lifelong learning, self-determination and full community inclusion. Utilizing the MyCLIMB (My Career Ladder to Independence, Maturity & Balance) person-centered planning model, Aggies Elevated students, along with invited family members and/or other stakeholders, will chart their own paths toward independence within an individualized framework of supports that identifies challenges, builds on individual strengths and encourages personal responsibility.