May 16, 2022
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Aggies Elevated student Michele Gibson

With the school year ending, students look forward to their goals for the coming year in Aggies Elevated and at Utah State University. For four Aggies Elevated students, this means continuing their college education and going on to earn their Associate's Degree. Michele Gibson, Courtney Jorgensen, Collin Quinn and Chandler West all plan to recieve their Associate's Degree in the coming year and share their plans for their post-secondary education. 
     Michele Gibson, who is studying Elementary Education, said, "I wanted to prove that I wasn't going to give up on school and that I wanted to keep going. I want to show others that have the same condition as me that college is hard but also fun." Michele decided to pursue Elementary Education because "a lot of teachers have inspired me throughout the years... and I love kids!" She also talked about the influence that Aggies Elevated had on her college experience. "Aggies Elevated helped me overcome a lot of things. At first I didn't know if I belonged at this college but a lot of people at AE have helped me realize I do belong here. I have met a lot of new friends that have really changed my life for the better." 
     Courtney Jorgensen, another Aggies Elevated student studying education and theatre, said that she decided to get her degree because "I want to push myself. I've been learning a lot and I've gotten the motivation to do it even though it's hard." She says that Aggies Elevated's focus on learning new things and "climbing to new heights" has helped her get her to where she is today and "helped me be more confident in myself and know that not everything has to be perfect. Just try your best!" 
     Collin Quinn is excited to get his general Associate's Degree in order to have more job opportunities in the future. He said, "(Aggies Elevated) Mentors really helped me and having the extra help with homework really helped. The USU teachers on campus are all great." 
     Each of these students is so excited for their future degrees and the new heights that they plan to reach in the coming years. We can't wait to see what they do!