June 15, 2022
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Aggies Elevated students and mentors reunite!

     This past Friday, June 10th, Aggies Elevated hosted their first-ever reunion at the Willow Park Rotary Pavillion in Logan, Utah. Past and current students, mentors, staff and family all met together to catch up and eat food, and staff member Jenna Mosher gave a speech about the influence Aggies Elevated has had on all of our lives. Some highlights of night included a thank-you to our past and present donors, an Aggies Elevated slideshow, and a generous donation of ice cream directly from Aggie Ice Cream! 
     Current student Michele Gibson said about the event: "My favorite part of the reunion was being reunited with an old friend and meeting people from the past years of Aggies Elevated and former mentors and became friends with them. It was so fun. I am also grateful to Jenna for her inspiration at the reunion... I'm grateful to everyone who was in charge and who supported the program, it wouldn't be possible to have the program without them." 
     This reunion was a great chance to see where past Aggies Elevated students are today. Aggies Elevated has a competitive integrated job placement rate of 88% after college, and many of the students who returned shared how their experiences with AE has helped them in their current careers. Furthermore, 35% of Aggies Elevated graduates have earned associates and/or bachelors degrees, continuing their studies in higher education. 
     We are very grateful for the staff, donors, mentors and students who make this program possible, and we are excited to see what the next couple of years brings to Aggies Elevated and inclusive higher education programs!