Pathway to Graduate School

Psychology is a very diverse discipline, and applying to graduate school is daunting, but resources are available. The American Psychological Association has a wonderful 12-part video series on Preparing and Applying for Graduate School in Psychology along with content about choosing a program, preparing to apply, and the application process.

In our own department, the advising team is ready to talk with you about graduate school options. Our departmental honors program and Psi Chi chapter are also good resources for getting involved and exploring your future in psychology. 

There are also a few valuable publications you can read to learn more about graduate education in Psychology:

Graduate School at Utah State University

The USU Psychology department offers 6 graduate specializations: Brain and Cognition, Behavior Analysis, Combined/Clinical Counseling, Neuroscience, and School Psychology. The foundation of our doctoral programs is mentorship. Students are expected to work closely with a primary mentor who is conducting research in areas that are of mutual interest to the student and the faculty member. When looking into our graduate programs, we recommend looking over the faculty listed on our people page to find whose research aligns most closely with your interests.

To apply for Utah State University’s graduate school programs, you need to visit the graduate school website. There you will find steps to apply, admission policies, and a breakdown of how your application is processed. Students are responsible for accessing and digitally submitting the forms as directed. Be sure to reach out to our Graduate Program Coordinator for any questions you may have.

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