Career Options with Bachelor's

Psychology is the science of behavior and mental processes. Our psychology department is internationally known for its innovative research and teaching strategies. Graduates from the psychology department are prepared for a variety of professions including those in mental health, research, education, and human services. Our undergraduate program is directed toward helping students meet the competitive prerequisites for graduate programs to prepare them to be successful in their research and work in psychology.

Most career paths in Psychology require graduate training, earning master's and doctorate degrees. With a bachelor's degree in Psychology, graduates can pursue the following careers:

  • Career Counselor - $58,120
  • Crisis Intervention Counselor - $48,520
  • Rehabilitation Specialist - $37,530
  • Psychiatric Technician - $33,140
  • Human Resources Specialist - $62,290

Job Opportunities

Employment Fields for BA/BS

Community Services

  • Health Educators
  • Program Directors/Directors of Volunteer Services
  • Religious Activities & Education Directors
  • Social Service Workers
  • Residential Treatment Services Worker


  • Market and Survey Research Analysts
  • Psychological Research Assistants


  • Advertising Sales Agents
  • Claims Adjusters, Appraisers, & Investigators
  • Human Resource Assistants
  • Insurance Underwriters
  • Public Relations Specialists

Criminal Justice

  • Correctional Treatment Specialist
  • Probations and Parole Officers
  • Police Academy

Mental Health

  • Mental Health Aides/Case Managers
  • Psychiatric Technicians
  • Behavioral Aid in Schools

Other Areas

  • Teacher Aides
  • Flight Attendants
  • Meeting and Convention Planners
  • Animal Trainer
  • Employment Specialist
Career Design Center
The Utah State University Career Design center is dedicated to supporting students as they design the career they have always wanted. Through the career center students can receive guidance in exploring career options, find internships and valuable job experience while in school, and network with companies and individuals in a variety of diverse career fields. Learn more about Career Center Resources and upcoming events.

The American Psychological Association’s PsycPathways initiative records information about student experiences and workforce opportunities after graduation with a degree in psychology. They offer many resources and data that can help prospective students better understand what options might be available to them after graduation. For more information, read PsycPathways and reach out to your academic advisor.