Graduate Assistantships

Assistantships set you apart in graduate school. You can gain real world experience by conducting guided research with experienced faculty. Whether in a lab, a classroom or off campus, you can learn and teach through research that excites you while earning a stipend to support yourself through grad school.

A variety of assistantship opportunities are available to graduate students, and all are offered through individual colleges and departments. To learn more about graduate assistantships at USU visit the Graduate School Website.

The Kinesiology and Health Science Department offers graduate assistantship opportunities for Logan, Utah based students who are accepted into one of the graduate programs in the department. These positions are limited and are awarded on a competitive basis.

Graduate assistantships offer an annual stipend and are awarded on a competitive basis. Graduate assistants have responsibilities related to the teaching, research, and service mission of the Kinesiology and Health Science Department. Assistantships require a either a 10 or 20-hour a week workload. Any student that will be attending the Logan Campus in the coming year is invited to apply. Students are required to completed an application to the USU graduate school for a KHS program by March 1st, have met the minimum requirements for the application and can commit to both fall and spring semesters.

Students with assistantships must enroll in a minimum of six credits of coursework each semester to be considered as taking a full courseload.

Students are expect to cover all tuition and fees!
Graduate student tuition and fees are not covered by the KHS department.
Graduate Assistantship Duration!
Master students can hold a graduate assistantship with the KHS department for up to 2 years and PhD students can hold a graduate assistantship with the KHS department for up to 4 years. Assistantships are renewed each academic year based on performance and need.

Preference is given to applicants who have previous teaching and/or research experience, a passion for research and/or teaching, desirable credentials (certifications, teaching experience, CPR and first aid, etc.), a background in a related degree/coursework, enthusiasm for an assistantship, and professional aptitude (e.g., detail oriented, reliable, meet deadlines, etc.).

With questions, email our Graduate Program Coordinator, Melissa Johnson,

To apply

If interested in an assistantship please submit the following to by March 1st:

  • Assistantship application
  • Resume with an emphasis on how you meet the above preferred qualifications
  • Cover letter detailing your motivation for applying, teaching and research experience, availability for fall and spring semesters, aptitude, academic background, career goals or plans
The deadline for applications is March 1st. Applications completed and submitted by March 1st are given priority when assigning and awarding assistantship positions. After this deadline applications may be considered if there are positions that have not been filled.
Plan Ahead!
Students must have completed both their application for the graduate program they are interested in through the USU School of Graduate studies website and the assistantship application (as described above) to be considered for an assistantship position.


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Melissa Johnson

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Kinesiology and Health Science

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